1F Flip Table To Save Space

Really simple table for the x50 Woodworker (haven’t received it yet). This is the Sketchup drawing and table is built. Very sturdy. I can post images of the table and dimensions, and I can post the Sketchup file if anyone wants it. Saw a bigger one on YouTube with drawers but I needed something smaller.


You say it is sturdy, but it does not look sturdy enough for the X50. I would be curious to know how it works out for you.

Love the design Bill. Could you share the sketchup file?

To make it fit I had to zip it down. Most folks don’t like zip files because of viruses, so I also included the table without the X50 attached to the table (CNC Tilt Table-Small). The design shows 4 legs but I did not have any issues with only two

CNC Tilt Table.zip (1.6 MB)
CNC Tilt Table-Small.skp (405.7 KB)


Bill, do you have your machine on this table now? If so, what is your experience showing?

Haven’t received the machine yet but when I do and get it mounted, I will post the results, good or bad.

Hi Alphonse! The machine arrived and it is mounted but not wired up nor is cooling setup for the spindle. I do have some learnings though:

  1. You have to have the castors in the locked position or the stand will roll away from you as you tilt it
  2. I realized that the table could tilt on its own so I added locks to the underside (photos later). This really beefed it up and it is surprisingly more stable than I thought
  3. The single legs on each side (the drawing shows 2 on each side) work as intended but I agree with Alden that it is a little flimsy so I’m going to work on that some. However, it is very sturdy as is with just these 2 legs. I just want it to “feel” better when I extend the legs out
  4. This thing is really heavy once this beautiful machine is attached! As long as you can handle about 50 pounds or so, you can tilt the table with it mounted. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO TILT IT WITHOUT THE CASTORS BEING LOCKED!!!
  5. I was going to always store it with the spindle at the top so I don’t accidently “kick” it when walking around the shop. However since the spindle is so heavy, the Z frame slides down to the bottom along the Y axis on its own. I guess that’s where it will stay

As I build onto it with the controller, water tubing and all wiring, including a laser, I will post images. If it helps anyone, including in my mistakes, that’s a blessing!

And kudo’s to the Onefinity team for having the best customer service anywhere! These guys are awesome!!


Nice work. Are you planning to modify the base to make room to mount the VFD, cooling reservoir, and other bits? The additional weight at that height would lower the CG and the wider base would make it more stable. It would take up more floor space when stored though and that probably is a concern for your situation I am guessing.

On the back side of the stand is empty space where everything will be mounted. I’ll post images when I get to that point. If someone asks me for input based on what I did so far, I would tell them go with a slightly larger base “foot print”. I can still do this later by adding 3/4" birch across the bottom if I think it needs it. My shop is 15’x15’ so space is precious.


I love your novel approach to orienting 1F ninety degrees to what I and others have in our table builds. I’m curious as to how you accomodate balancing the weight? I find the initial life to be quite high, though, mine is not set on center like yours.

Were I to do it again though, I’d not do a storage table because I’ve found I’m always using the machine.

Here is a picture of the latches I am using to keep the table top from tilting while in use. Also, one image showing how the table stays in place pretty decent without the legs as extra support. T.Y.L.


Update: Here is the backside and where I store and route everything. This machine is AWESOME! Thanks Onefinity Team!!


Hi @bwcherry not seeing photos, wonder if you hit submit before they were finished uploading?

Okay so I asked the wonderful folks at Onefinity to delete the older images so I didn’t “crowd” out everything with too much unneeded stuff. They did that and now I am posting the finished product including waste board and drag links all installed. This is a real blessing from the Lord to have this! I love what the Onefinity team created!

And here are the latches that hold the table from tilting on it’s own. They are marine latches


Gorgeous! Functional! Envy inducing!

Thanks @bwcherry , I appreciate all the photos! Also thank you for the sketchup files.
Only thing I can’t figure out: what hinge or hinges did you use?

They are ball bearing hinges from Home Depot. I have the exact same ones on my shop doors that weigh 95 pounds each and they have been perfect. They easily hold the weight. Hinges

Awesome work. I’m just in the process of ordering and I think I’ll do something along this line. Thanks for the pictures!

What are the dimensions of your top? Thanks

48"x48". Been perfect so far