Fold down CNC work station help

Hey All,
Still waiting delivery.
I plan to make a fold down CNC workstation for when it comes.
Has anyone already tried this? any info/links would be appreciated

You could checkout Fisher’s Shop flip top cart. He has a YouTube video and plans you can buy. I made his cart and have been very pleased.

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I think that table is in my future plans for sure. Right now though I can’t justify buying 4 sheets of 3/4" plywood for $99/ea.

I’ll make do with my temporary table and upgrade down the line.

I made one!

Perfect! Thanks Ben!
Thanks for the pictures. The winch is a nice touch but is it that heavy? I plan to mount it on MDF then onto the fold up ply table top In the garage
The idea is to move it into a basement craft room during the winter months.
Foresee any issues?
Btw. Love the French cleats. I have them everywhere…