Thoughts for a cart/stand? ;-)

It looks like a good stand.

Not great for space savings, if that was the idea with the tilt. Looks like it will take you from 4’ x 4’ when flat to 4’ x 30”+height of CNC. - Now I’m just drinking to much coffee.

From Rockler’s website: * Weight Rating: 150lbs.

I have one of these and they are quite handy. However, it is held in the horizontal position by a spring type clamp, and if you get too much weight toward the side that tips down, the latch won’t hold and it will tilt on you when you aren’t expecting it! Don’t ask me how I know! :joy:

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Yep agree on the spring clamp (will need improvement) and the weight rating (close, but should be enough). I’m going to play with the idea. Initially was just going to go with a fixed work surface… still probably might. I know there are some folks out there that are way more space limited than I am. I hope the idea/visual would be helpful.

I plan on building something like this. Hopefully.
Forum with original builder.

I also plan on making it the same height as my table saw so I can use the reverse side as an outfeed table.

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William Youngman:

Based on a quick cut/paste, the Woodworker should fit on the bottom bunk, leaving you lots of room for storage on top.
And maybe room for another coffee maker…


I looked into these carts before, and although they are very nice, they are also very pricey given what you are getting - basically just a frame. You can make one out of wood, with similar strength, for less than 25% the cost of one of these. If you have the cash and little time, this is a good bet. If you have neither, simply consider making your own.



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Non static CNC tables that I can remember:

Personally - I’m going with something like Arganic Woodwork’s “Sideways” OneFinity build, crossed with Ty Moser’s slide away… hopefully. I’m going to put the machine together first. :laughing:

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Really liking the mobile flip up version… Can be placed out of the way when not in use and out of the way when in use…