Fold up table for Woodworker?

I ordered the folding rolling table but have no assurances it will appear :slight_smile:

What do y’all think of this welding table from HF as a potential stand-in? Obviously it doesnt roll. But it does support 350 lbs and seems sturdy. With a couple of layers of MDF could work in a pinch… Thoughts?

The dimensions are not so clear but seems like maybe the table top is 30"x20"? Width seems fine but depth? Depending on how high above the pivot a Woodworker might be it could tilt to the max degree and take up somewhat less space. Seems ideal for a machinist btw.

No way. That thing is very unstable for a machine like a CNC. And I am basing that on first-hand experience in that I own one and do not consider it a stable work surface. Plus I don’t believe it’s big enough, even for a 1F Machinist.

If you want to use HF you’d be better off with one of these and it’s not that much more in cost. but you get more work space and a more stable surface. You have a shelf below which you won’t with the welding table, and a drawer. Leave the backboard off if it gets in the way. And it has a light positioned right above the work area.

I’ll agree with Bob, that thing’s going to be way too lightweight. Nowhere near enough rigidity.

Even with using a couple of the basic workbenches as supports, I’d still think about the best way to get the stiffest horizontal surface possible. Torsion boxes, etc.

OK all, makes sense. I actually have one of the other HF tables posted and like it just fine. Fingers crossed that OF can actually get the materials (or whatever) they need to start shipping tables and frames.

I made mine portable at the beginning. When I realized how uesful the machine was, it got a permanent home rather quickly.


Want mine to be rolling so I can easily pull it away from the wall to gain access to the back, plus, in a pinch, fold it up and move it to a different corner. Probably it will sit in one place for most of its life.

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I’m not a pro, but this Adjustable Steel Welding Table has let me do some projects much easier than I expected. I added a couple of Harbor Freight vice-grip clone hold downs, and was able to use the included bits to create a quick and dirty jig. I made 4 parts of curved metal bits that all ended up roughly equal, and didn’t look like a complete noob like me made them when I was done! Sturdy when built, even handled some pounding from my blacksmith hammer without deforming.