Harbor Freight work bench table for Onefinity

I saw this posted to the Facebook Group: Onefinity CNC Users Group (unofficial)
Clicking the link should take you to the post:

This setup uses 2 of the 48" Steel work benches from Harbor Freight ($99 ea.) Plus they have a 20% of coupon right now through the end of September.

Looks like it would be very easy to finish an enclosure with this layout.


That is very clever!!!

Thank you :+1:t4: I am finishing up the enclosure now using ½ inch plywood. It’s worked out great so far

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That’s great can’t wait to see it!

I went out yesterday to pick these up but my local HF was out of stock. I have a few in the area so I think I’ll call around.

Picked one up today to see how sturdy it might be. Will probably pick up the second one tomorrow and start putting them together. Still figuring out how to make the thing mobile.

@GroovyLaser @Btapia after a few months of use on the harbor freight workbenches, any complaints? I’m between this idea or going with a Kreg table. Thanks in advance!

Only issue I have with them is how short the over hangs are. Hit my dang head way to often. I wish I would have made it at least 6 inches taller and got rid of the over hang. The bottom is solid though.

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Headed out to my Harbor freight tomorrow to take a look at a couple of these. Great idea!

I actually ended up getting some longer angle for the corner uprights so this wouldn’t happen.