Machine Dimensions

I know the available dimensional drawings have a disclaimer printed on them regarding the reliability of the information. However, I am wondering how concrete the overall footprint of the machines are at this point, based on those drawings. I have pre-ordered the Woodworker and am hoping to build a movable tabletop for it prior to its arrival. Thanks for any information.

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Me too! I’d like to know the dimensions to the mounting holes in the feet for the “Woodworker.” I too would like to make a mobile workstation with predrilled mount holes.

I’m sure any holes need some wiggle room to square and align the machine, but I have that covered too.

FYI, I’m building a multi-tiered workstation. Onefinity on the top tier. A smaller homebrew CNC router on the middle tier. Dust collection, storage, power distribution on the bottom. Middle tier will slide out for access. I have limited space and must think vertically.

I’m so short on space I have to think VERY vertically. I only have my 2 car garage to work in and we park our cars in it. All of my tools and machines need to be packed away when I’m done using them so I can put the cars back. Since the Woodworker is nearly 4’ square, that’s a big chunk of real estate. I am looking into mountint the whole thing on a sturdy board and using a hoist to hold it up to the ceiling when not being used. Just gotta make sure it’s STURDY so my $2,000+ machine doesn’t come crashing to the ground!


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We’ll have that info soon. We have something exciting in store!

Looking forward to height requirements - if it’s on a lower shelf how much clearance needed for the machine with vacuum hose to be comfortable.


Wow! You have quite an impressive plan for housing and supporting your work. Would you care to share any pictures of the table when complete? I am still 6 months away from purchasing my first cnc, and was planning on building a sturdy cabinet as a base with a torsion box top. Dust collector would be contained in one of the cabinets. Best of luck in your build! Mike

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I can confirm the dimensions posted by OneFinity, from a production machine.

I’ve installed it on a 48" x 49" MDF board, but it for a much tighter fit, 45" x 46" should leave you with < 1/2" on all sides. If you want to let the stepper motors “hang” over the edge, you could build it as small as 44.25" x 42.75".

48" wide x 49" deep

back to front, ~44.5"

front edge to front edge of the mounting points of the rails, not including the X-axis stepper motors, ~44"

I’ll check and measure the Z height tonight.


Thank you for this! It will help me to have my table ready come November
Gah! That is like 9 weekends if they stay on schedule. I’ve got to pick it up.

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Just checked the Z height. Looks like installed the “default” way (per the instructions) it tops out at ~17.5" inches, with the stepper motor being the highest point. That said - the machine comes with three mounting holes each about an inch apart, so it could be 1" higher or so depending on which position it’s installed in. I do not have the hose boom, but from what I’ve seen… it’s pretty tall.


Josh can you measure the controller height and the estop switch. I would really appreciate it. Looking to order an enclosure to keep controller inside… thanks.


Ben @MyersWoodshop posted in another thread all of the dimensions excepting the e-stop button.

pulled up, (so the machine can run) the e-stop button is ~1.25 " high.

The other dimension that I didn’t see mentioned, but is important if you’re planning on enclosing this - is the length with cords sticking out. I’d suggest a minimum space to leave for the box and cords to be 12.5-13", the biggest issue being the power cord itself, which just can’t be bent to be shorter. That said - with that length, you wouldn’t be able to hit the power switch on the front.

Personally, I’ve already mounted mine and plugged the controller, router, touchscreen, and external web camera (wyze cam) all into a mounted power strip that has it’s own power switch - that way I can power everything from one switch on the power strip.

(i still have to clean up the power cords so they aren’t dangling)

links to the items i added:

Other enclosure considerations:

  • the controller itself will need airflow, (it has internal cooling fan(s?)) but you’d logically have to filter the air coming in.
  • all of the wiring coming in and out - I grouped the wires back to the controller it in two “packets” with 1/2" soft cord wrap, each one being about 1/2" in diameter. One for the X & Z wires, + the router power cord, one for everything going to the touch screen on the front.


Btw, Amazing setup Josh.

I looked through that thread multiple times earlier I see length and width, just not the height.

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@Greg I don’t think I included the height above - the “box” height itself is 3.775", the little “lip” on the sides is 0.13" tall. I hope that helps!


@OnefinityCNC Individual component tolerance and resultant tolerance stack aside, are the dimensions shown for the Machinist taken as nominal dimensions from the CAD model? Specifically, I’m interested in the circled dimensions shown below. I’ve got a base design in the works, and want to know if these are reasonably trustworthy dimensions. Thanks for any info!

This is a question for @Mark.

One more dimension-related question: can someone please give me the exact thickness measurement of the spindle mount? Working on a 65mm to 52mm adapter ring so I can fit my ultra-quiet DC spindle to the spindle holder. Thanks in advance!


I got somewhat inconsistent readings on this mount, depending on where i was measuring; possibly measurement error - but at the point you’re specifying in the drawing, 38.1mm. I hope that helps.


That helps a lot, thank you Josh! Sounds like it’s made from 1.5" nominal size stock.