Cutting area location

Dear @OnefinityCNC,

My question is short and sweet: assuming one uses the standard 65mm router, where is the cutting area located within the Onefinity machines? As in - how far from the X and Y axis mounts?

Perhaps this ‘field’ could be added within the diagram of the machine dimensions.

Speaking of the devil… I’d very much appreciate it if the same diagrams are used on > specifications, the machine dimensions topic on this forum, and the user manual.

Thanks a lot!

According to the specifications sheet on the home page, the distance marked “B” between the rails is 37.75". The cutting area is designated as 32.25" which is 5.5" smaller, dividing that in half would leave you 2.75" of clearance between the rails on each side. I am assuming the center of the router when up against the rail would be that 2.75" from the stop.

Hope this helps. I don’t have my machine yet, just looking at the specification sheet on-line.

Hi Grant - where did you get the 37.75 measurement from? The spec sheet I’ve seen says 38", but doesn’t provide the width of the gantry bearings or the thickness of the Z-slider to know where the bit might be relative to the axises.

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I took it right out of the specification manual from the website.

Hmmm, great. Two diagrams, two different measurements :confused: Looks like they might be measuring slightly different things though - hard to tell, but I’ll dig into it.


I just checked some of the key dimensions in the two diagrams, and there are indeed discrepancies:

My Diagrams vs Manual
A: 45 5/8" vs 45 3/8"
B: 38 vs 37.75
C: 5 1/2" Check
D: 4 3/32 or 5 7/16
Depth: 45 5/8" vs 45 3/8"

It looks like the manual matches the spec sheet PDF on the website, so I’m guessing those are the accurate numbers?

@OnefinityCNC - can you confirm?


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By no means did I try to give anyone the wrong information and I sure hope this problem doesn’t bite someone in the butt before it’s clarified by Onefinity. I have yet to start on my table build (machine is due in Jan '21.

Hey Grant - no worries; the differences are minor. If someone is designing their waste board to a 1/4" accuracy and that 1/4" is crucial, then I’d ask them to question life a little more fundamentally :wink:

I’m just trying to get the core dimensions into Fusion, which is proving quite challenging, but I think I’m done now. Just need to decide exactly what kind of waste board I want (T-Track, Dog Holes, 1/4-20, etc.).



I have t-tracks on my current machine and they have served me well. I think I am going that way again but want to add some locating pins for other things and maybe go to a more sacrificial type of clamp to save on the errant tool path and machining aluminum.

Just measured…from the inside of the left Y rail base it is 1-7/8”. Same for the right Y rail.

In the x direction is is 1-1/4” back from the front of Y rail base.


Last picture is on the backside of machine measuring from the inside of y rail base. 6-3/4” to max cutting area

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Thanks for sharing Mitz.

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Yes, thanks for sharing. This is EXACTLY what I need :slight_smile:



any chance you have these same values with a 80mm mount?


Unfortunately I do not have that information


thanks for your prompt response!

So I did some sleuthing today, as I have both the original 65mm mount as well as an 80mm mount. I put BOTH mounts on the Z-axis rails,

then I measured (as best I could) the difference. I used a woodpeckers square in the 80mm mount bottom, and placed drill bits in the 65mm bottom. The best fit drill bit (I only had imperial) was 19/64".

Finally, I threw all this together in Sketchup and came up with the following:

I would not suggest using this to machine parts, but if you’re looking for the spindle centerline differences in the Y-axis between the 65mm mount and the 80mm mount, this should get you pretty close (19/32", or about 15mm)


Hey Mike,

your photo shows very well how close the center of the milling motor is to the Z rails on the Onefinity CNC with the original 65 mm mount. The milling motor sits nearly “between” the Z rails.

There have been many discussions in this forum(1) about universal spindle mounts or replacement Z sliders, but they all had to admit that with mounting another motor mount or even another Z axis assembly, the center of milling motor would move away from Z and X rails and therefore would increase the leverage force that the milling motor weight and work load would exert on them - with doubts of many on how the Onefinity CNC would deal with it then.


I find your photos, measurements and drawing very helpful, thanks!