7/31/2020 update - Z Slider Upgrade for ALL! (outdated as of 2020)

hey Andy, hey Tom @TMToronto, hey Renato @MaxCovi,

I think you Andy and Tom mean different things. If you want to replace the classical Z-16 Z assembly (which was presented in this old thread in 2020) by the new Z-20 “Heavy Duty” Z assembly, I believe as Tom you said it’s mainly four screws (see also Tramming the router). And the ‘min-soft-limit’ , the ‘travel-per-rev’ and some motion settings for motor 3 will need to be adjusted because of the longer travel and the steeper 1610 ball screw. A new default setting choice with firmware 1.2.x takes care of that.

If on the other hand you want to buy the 80 mm spindle mount and mount it in place of the stock 65 mm mount, there is

Also with the 80 mm spindle mount the center of the spindle shaft will be 15 mm more towards front as can be seen here, which will necessite to adjust your dust boot and/or your dust boot shields.