Upgrading stepper motor for 80mm Spindle

Honestly I haven’t noticed much benefit from increasing the microscopes in the Z direction. I have found more benefit on the X and Y plane.

Have you noticed any loss in detail with the larger spindle?

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No loss in detail that I can tell. I milled out some wood parts that mate up to the aluminum parts I made and everything went together just the same as is did with my 800 watt spindle. Reading through this thread there are a lot of thoughts going on but as I said earlier fellas, IN STOCK FORM THIS MACHINE HANDLES THE 2.2KW SPINDLE JUST FINE :+1:. 60-80 IPM is what I mill most of my parts at and this includes a lot of adaptive, boring and contour strategies.


Just finished milling this new fixture plate. 2.2KW spindle, stock steppers all around…and very accurate. Finish is smooth as silk. I hope this answers some questions :+1:



Have the spindle and big@ss™ stepper installed (still have to tram the spindle) and all looks fine so far.

Wired up spindle with breakout box and now have full spindle control via gcode.

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Um, Dave?

The third step in the video you linked showed the exact two set screws I stripped as needing to be removed.

Ended up having to drill them out and it looks like they had some kind of thread locker on them.

Luckily I was able to remove them without stripping the threads and had some replacement set screws and all is well.

Optical illusion. Ran into shop to take that pic (my old head machine shop instructor at school would have a conniption if he saw me in my shop with open-toed sandals on…even if it is in my garage!)

Had one sandal partway off.


The actual set screws I thought you were referring to are the ones on the base of the Z-slider … not the ones that you are pointing to.

A few small test projects and so far everything seems working fine. No visible loss of detail that I’ve been able to detect.

Here is a quick video of it cutting a nimbus motorcycle logo into a piece of Zebrawoood:

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Hey Patrice,

this is mainly the shop vac that we hear, isn’t?

Is the spindle at how much krpm?

Yes, that is almost ENTIRELY the shop vac. The spindle is pretty darn quiet. I was at 17k I believe.


Hi - I’m trying to do the spindle swap and these damn 2.5M screws are stuck fast. @OnefinityCNC are you glueing them into place? I have now also shredded the hex fitting. I really don’t want to drill them out. Does anybody have any suggestions (I thought this was the easy bit - oh boy)?

My set screws didn’t want to come out so I just gently taped on each rod and they both slid out of the aluminum bracket.

:cry: A sad day for me. I drilled out the screws as above. I think I may have trashed the thread in the z slider.

But the damn screws were glued in (angry emoji) - how are we supposed to remove a glued in screwed!. I tried the tapping - but clearly not hard enough (I thought that the screw had gone into a hole.)

Hey Andy,

even if it comes too late:

sometimes it helps when you work with heat and cold.

You could heat up your hex wrench, stick it into the hex screw head, heat the screw for a while, then let it cool. It may have loosened the screw in the thread and released the Loctite or Superglue or whatever it is a little.

Or you can use hot air gun to heat the plate and then cooling spray to cool your hex wrench, stick it into the screw in order to cool it.

Also an impact wrench does me good service sometimes but mostly on larger devices.

In every case it is important to have high-quality hex wrenches. I have cheap and pricy here, and I can tell the difference!


I bought, what I thought, was a good quality hex wrench for the job - cover the bases. I didnt think iof heating (the video made it look no more difficult than the other hex screws). I think I will have to ask @OnefinityCNC if a can get a replacement z slider.

I’m off to weep in my beer (got to buy it first though)

Hey Andy,
this looks like Superglue. It would be nice if Onefinity told us what it exactly is. Not a word about this in the video.


@Aiph5u and @Dr-Al - thank you for your prompt responses, appreciated.

I would try it in any case, I would would not be surprised if they helped you immediately

empathy emoji Andy
But thing-breakers are the adventurers today

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PS: If it’s really Superglue (cyanoacrylate), a syringe with acetone would have been the solution.

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