80mm spindle mount

Just wanted to post a few pictures of the first day getting machine set up with 3D printed 80mm spindle mount. Only ran a test cut so far with machine need to tram a little bit so far measurements from using cnc to probe 65mm original mount are spot on. i needed to move the spindle out 3/16 of an inch to clear the stepper motor. the next revision will be complete. will post pictures of it when finished in 22 hours 80 mm spindle mount 3d printed


Wow… that looks pretty good! I’m very interested to see how this works out.

I will update you when the second version is mounted. I increased a few wall thicknesses and moved the spindle forward another couple mm to clear the stepper motor. once I have proven it out with the 3d printed model I will have my work machine me one out of aluminum.


I am interested in your success. I realize this is a 3D print, but did you notice much movement of the spindle, or strain on the linear bearings, from the leverage of the larger and heavier spindle? It will be great to compare this prototype to the milled aluminum version - looking forward to your update when available. Also, would you, or perhaps the machinist at your work, be able to estimate the cost of the finished milled aluminum mount for someone in the general public (including the aluminum stock needed to make it). I have no experience with companies that CNC parts for customers, so am curious as to the cost to have such a thing made.
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I did make the 80mm version a full 68mm tall almost
The full height of the linear bearings. There is a bit more weight to the spindle but I feel being able to set the correct Rpms for the material more accurately I should be able to minimize the strain. We use similar linear bearings in the corrugated machinery at work so I am familiar
With the loads they can take. I should have aluminum version within the next two weeks. The second prototype should be completed this evening and I will install tomorrow after work. I retired to replicate the overall design of the factory mount as much as possible to accommodate the laser mount to the front. The one thing I did notice is moving the spindle forward I needed to move the frame rails back on the machine as my waste board was too short.

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Side note as well is that was filled 80% pla so it’s a very ridged 3D print.

I appreciate you taking the time to reply and add information. I am sure you are excited to try the aluminum version - I know I am excited to see it in action.

Looks great! Nice solid design, I’m sure the aluminum version will be well up to the task of anything you can throw at it.

My question will highlight my inexperience with linear bearings. What method is used to hold the linear bearings within the housing/mount - is it a pressure fit, set screws ,…?

I was curious as to how easy it was to remove the original mount in order to replace it with your 3D printed prototype.

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Combination of press fit and set screw retaining just like factory.

Not easy at all. They use heavy amount of lock right on everything. A small mini torch and a good set of metric Allen wrenches on ratchet wrench helped a lot. They do get an a+ for design. But it’s deff not meant to be taken apart.

Thank you for your reply. Makes your work that much more noteworthy. I am sure the end result will be worth it.

Happy to see you have come up with an 80mm spindle mount. My 1F woodworker will ship in a few weeks. I didn’t expect to see an 80mm mount before I received my woodworker. I expected to alter or make a new spindle mount after I received my woodworker. I hope you will not mind me asking a few questions. If you don’t want to answer I understand. I read you had to move the Y axis rails back for your waste board to fit. This is just because you moved the centerline of the spindle forward in relation to the X axis, correct. I would think the overall travel of Y & Z axis stayed the same. Was the ball nut on the ball screw pinned as well as bolted in place. Best of luck with your 80mm spindle mount. Thanks

No the ball screw was not pinned. Everything was just heavily Loctited. Yes the travel stays the same. But because I moved it forward after I had set it up with the makita router it came too close to the edge. Ask any questions you want. I will probably put the design up on Etsy or something once I am done. Second 3D one was suppose to be done tonight but glitched during printing and filament stopped and it got all screwy. So 21 more hours and I will have it. Probably won’t have much of an update until Saturday.


One thing to note if you disassemble your 1f linear shafts for z axis… behind the fhcs (flat head cap scews. That mount the upper and lower mounts the the backplate there are set screws in the inner bolt holes holding the shafts into the blocks. Took me a minute to find them. Clever using the same tapped holes as the mounting bolts

Thanks, I’m looking forward to getting my onefinity. It looks like they did a good job with the design. I would prefer to get a 80mm mount from them, but who knows when that will be. I planned on receiving the 1f removing the mount. Then designing a mount and taking it to one of the shops I do business with. To get it made. So I appreciate any tips on disassembly. Did you get your spindle on Amazon?


Tom McDonnell

Yes, the one with 4 bearings water cooled.

That’s what I’m looking at will probably order it this weekend
Thanks again

here is version 2.1 hopefully will have time tomorrow to install. 3d printer missed the two holes to mount ball screw but not that big of a deal. I’ll look into slicer program and see why they didn’t transfer from the stl file.
spindle mount 80mm v2.1

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Thank you for all the tear-down information you have provided, as well as the updated mount images. I have started teaching myself Fusion 360 and I would be using this to design my version of an 80mm mount. May I ask what tolerances you used for the linear bearing holes? The dimensions and tolerances of spindle and ball screw openings I imagine will be more forgiving.