All your 80mm Spindle questions in THIS thread

We constantly get the same question over and over, “Do you have a 80mm Spindle? When is it coming out?”
Regardless if you call in, send a Instagram or Facebook message, ask on this thread,or email both emails, our answer is the same.
This is our answer until we have a different one: "It’s being beta tested internally and by several users. It’s coming at some point. It’s high on our list. We do not have a date at this time. When we do, we will share it on our social media and official forum."

You cannot bolt on a self made mount (unless your REALLY good at milling metal). The spindle mounts integrate INTO the z slider with the bearings and ball screw. It’s not just a bolt on.

We do not ‘officially’ support spindles. Although they may work, we recommend the Makita 65mm trim router. For spindle help and support, the community will need to rely on each other (and this forum).

We hope this helps!


Thanks for the update Onefinity


Personally I’d be most interested in using a Mafell FM800. They label is a “milling motor.”
It’s only marginally more expensive than the Makita but I have a host of Mafell tools and have always found them reliable (although, I’ve never had problems with Makita either).
It’s still air cooled so noise is probably as high as the Makita, and it cannot be started by the controller. It’s just greater familiarity with Mafell than with Makita.

I’m glad to see this is high on the priority list. This can’t come out soon enough. Thank you!!


So lets say I AM really good at milling metal. Would I be able to buy an additional 65mm spindle mount to modify and if so how much?



Will your 80mm mount be available as a field upgrade for existing machines? With it in Beta testing, I’m wondering if it would be advisable to wait to order a machine.

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I emailed them this week asking about the mount. The reply I got stated that they were close to finalizing a design but still a couple of months out as far as going into production, and then whatever the production lag would be.

I emailed them this question and got a response that it would be either a complete Z axis switch out or a replacement of the mount which requires a lot of work for the user. (Their words)

Hopefully when it comes out, it won’t be too pricey

Given the time lag from Beta testing to product on this larger motor mount, I’m wondering if they have encountered any issues with size of the stepper motors or the motor drivers. Hopefully, their frame is rigid enough for the added weight.

There is a forum member who has made and installed his own 3D printed mount - planning to have it machined in aluminum - and is using it successfully with his 80mm spindle. So far he is pleased with the way it is working.

Did he upgrade motors? Motor drivers? Controller board entirely? Did he beef-up the chassis? Glides?

Also, does he need to slow the machine to compensate for the added weight?

No changes to hardware other than the printed prototype has more material that fully extends to the full size of the linear bearings. As far as how he uses it, he is still experimenting with how much he can ‘push it’, and has not cut aluminum yet. He has experimented with wood, plastic, and brass up to this point but he has only been using it - and the newer version - for a week or so. Looks promising though, but we will need to be comfortable taking the z axis system apart to install it.

Who is it? where can we see their rig?

@Hrubeskyr - follow “80mm spindle mount”


I am currently down with a bad controller, lost hdmi output from
The raspberry pii3 1f has been great with support on it just waiting for it in the mail. So far I havnt seen any issues arising with the heavier spindle, but I havnt been able to push the machine to my liking yet. Havnt pulled trigger on alum mount from machine shop yet as I would like to try the 3D printed one out a bit more. But everything seems promising. It is a decent chore to get the z axis tore apart but anyone with medium level of mechanical experience should be able to with a few common hand tools. More importantly is pressing the linear bearings in straight with an arbor press. I purchased new ones so I left the originals in the 65mm mount. Working on acquiring a ball screw and lead screw to be able to swap out if failures occur on the spindle/vfd or mount. Fallow my post on 80mm spindle mount for further updates.


I’m curious. Instead of tearing the Z-axis part, did you consider just replacing it? Seems it would have been much easier to mount it on the flat X-axis plate, and you could have used flat linear rails to help reduce moment of inertia by keeping the spindle closer to the X-axis. Or am I missing something here?

I looked into many different ways to accomplish what I wanted to. I felt this took the least amount of investment. And I could readily produce a 3D printed prototype with everything I had there. The mount that comes with the spindle is huge.

You can’t get the spindle any
Closer than what I mounted as it almost
Hits the stepper motor for z axis, the way 1f designed with the makita height of router it doesn’t interfere. But height of spindle is almost twice of router