How To Install A CNC Spindle - Part 1


Does the dust boot included with the Onefinity fit with and work well with the spindle?

yes, it works just fine with it.


what size spindle mount did you use? thanks.

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it was a 65mm spindle using the standard mount. the link to the spindle is in the video description

Have you had the opportunity to test your 80mm spindle set up yet? I believe you were using a 3D printed mount for it.

Yep! You better start following me on facebook and instagram! I posted using it there!

I believe I had found you and your new spindle there, but are there updates other than the two short videos - which are appreciated BTW. I wondered if you had (apologies if I missed it), or plan to, share details about how it compares to your previous 65mm spindle, how it works on the OF (i.e., does its mass and power match well with the structure and stability of the OF), or any other information you think others looking to use one may find helpful and informative. No pressure to create more content - just curious!

i STILL don’t think a spindle is worth it for 95% of users.
it’s way more powerful than the 800w spindle I had (i sold it).
So far, it’s worked perfectly fine and I’ve not noticed anything different while using it (except some homing settings had to be changed to account for the 9 extra pounds or the makita)

Ben, thank you for putting the two Spindle videos together… never could have done it without your help. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help!

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Yes Ben, thank you so much for the video’s that you have put out for me and a lot of others to learn from. You are a big asset.

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You’re welcome guys!

Will you be releasing videos on the 80mm spindle? Just curious how that worked for you.

I am trying to hook up my 1500 watt 220 spindle. I am looking at many sources for info. And cannot find this.
I am being told to hook up rst and I get that,BUT under the sticker that labels the terminals casted into the plastic itself shows a ground symbol under R. Do you think I ignore that sybol

Are your videos on YouTube? I don’t do Facebook or Instagram.