Myers Woodshop beta test

I take it by now most of you have seen the short video clip of Ben Myers with the larger spindle on his Onefinity. If this is going to become a reality, does anyone know when the larger mount will be available? My machine doesn’t ship until January so if this is going to become a reality, I would strongly consider the upgrade before installing the Makita router and then having to upgrade not long after.


Same boat. Hopefully soon


Any updates on this?

Adding to the question queue.

Before discovering by chance a youtube video of Myers Woodshop on the OF, I was about to buy a classic CNC model that best fits my hobbyist need to know how to work soft metal first and foremost and wood occasionally. My choice was a 9060 (90x60cm) spindle 2.2kW 220v. I flashed on the innovative design that inspired OF robustness, solidity. But on the other hand, when I looked at the whole thing, there was something wrong, which is still not right. What is this router so small, so little powerfull, for a machine that looks so robust? I saw ton of video, but it was the first time that I saw a router on a cnc of this size, I have always seen spindles on smaller cnc, certainly because I am interested mainly in milling metal. I see that it suits most of OF users, but I am bothered that we cannot mount a 80mm spindle yet. It’s as if we had limited the potential of this design. I should receive the OF in March, and it would be great if I could change the 65mm mount by the 80mm, as the OF team announced working on this evolution. I therefore will wait as long as possible before order a simple 1.5kW spindle, …hope…

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I watched the ‘teaser’ video again showing the 80mm spindle. I am really curious as to how well it is working, especially the rigidity of the whole spindle assembly. Given the increased mass and body length of the larger spindle, I would think that the proportionately narrow width of the clamp would experience a fair bit of force when a bit is worked through harder material such as hardwoods and aluminum. I wonder if any flex is being observed, and whether a larger mount will be needed for this larger spindle.

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