Router upgrades?

I see all of the machines with the small Mikita router and I know those routers according to some are becoming harder and harder to find. I’ve also seen a few machines with spindles. What I haven’t seen is a machine with a 2 or 2+ horsepower mounted to the OF. Is the Z mount drilled for any different router mounts?

it can only mount a 65 mm spindle or router. that limits to the makita or carbide create router, i think one of the harbor freight, and the 65mm spindle in 1500 watt 220 volt, and 800 watt 110 volt spindles. i’ve got the 1500 watt 220 volt aircooled on mine and it works great. I also own the 110 800 watt water cooled and it is good on my shapeoko, but I like the more power on the onefinity due to teh speed, but I’m not sure you would ever need the 2200 watt. it is a lot heaver and larger than the 65 mm spindles. (i’ve got one on a 4848 cnc4newbie and it is a much larger heaver machine.

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@laynemims - you happen to have a link to your 1500 watt model? Though 220 might be deal breaker for me in my office…

amazon for 220. i really like this spindle.


here is 1.5 kw 65mm water cooled for a little more money, but could use existing 110.

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Guys, had a bummer Christmas moment today when I found the Mysweety water cooled spindle I got for myself was the wrong size, 80mm, instead of 65mm. And the ones you mentioned are unavailable on Amazon. Here’s my two Qs:

  1. Do you know of another available option for a water-cooled spindle for the Onefinity?
  2. Apart from the spindle needing to be 65mm are there any other restraints or requirements I need to consider?

Thanks guys!

Kevan - I believe the @OnefinityCNC folks are test driving a 80mm spindle mount. Maybe they will get you into the beta program so I can use it? If not, you can certainly wait :confused:


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If this is the case ,would love to beta test. Just been running my Machinist through it’s paces, but would love to see what it could do with my larger spindle (80mm water-cooled one I’ve got on my soon to be retired Shapeoko).

Great info! I am new to CNC and like many i am waiting on my 1F. From what I have witnessed on YouTube the spindles are much quieter. It’s this correct?

I was a little surprised at how quiet my Makita router is. The vacuum I use for dust collection is much louder than the router.

Thank you Sir! I like to keep things simple when I can! I’ll go with the Makita.