Question about spindles

Hello all, I’m getting close to being able to order the Onefinity woodworker. I’m leaning more towards getting a spindle instead of a router, and I’m curious to know if this one will work or if there are other recommendations. I’m on 110v power, not 220. Thanks!

MYSWEETY 1Set DIY 110V 1500W Air Cooled Spindle Motor 1.5KW Square CNC Machine Tool Spindle + 110V 1.5KW Inverter VFD + 13PCS ER11+ 70mm Brush + Drill Bits

The current mount is for a router/spindle with a cylindrical housing.

Thanks. I looked a little closer at the mounting system. Is the router / spindle mount permanently attached?

The 4 min mark in the video shows the attachment of the z axis assembly: