Spindle confusion

 I was looking for 110v spindles and came across this amazon link.
 I noticed that the 800w 4 bearing spindle is 65mm so fits on stock Onefinity and the 1.5kw 3 bearing and 2.2kw 4 bearing versions are 80mm and would need the 80mm bracket upgrade no problem there.

 What confuses me is all 3 come with a 6mm collet and all run the same operating speed:6000rpm-24000rpm 400Hz. So what is the benefit of buying the larger heavier 2.2kw over the 800w if the run at the same specs? Is it strictly a matter of being able to use larger 1/2” bits ER20 collets or am I missing something else?

Also if spending money on a 2.2kw spindle is it worth me having the extra expenses of an electrician installing a 220v outlet for the 2w0v version and matching VFD or will the 110v version be ok? I am having the electrician put dedicated 110v 20 amp outlets for the Onefinity and future Co2 laser but I guess instead of the 3 110v outlets I could do 1 110v and 1 220v but I would have to do a lot of plug swapping between machines. I can only run one machine and dust collector or blower at a time anyways.

I’m limited to two 110v, 15-amp circuits for my whole setup. I plan to use one circuit for a 110V, 1.5kw water-cooled spindle. I will use the second circuit to power the controller, screen, webcam, water cooler, and dust extractor. The spindle powers - 800w, 1.5kw, and 2.2kw are the overall power of the spindles. The more powerful, the faster the feeds and speeds. Most of the people I see using 2.2kw spindles are machining metal.

The 2.2kw spindles also typically come with ER20 collet which can take up to 1/2" shaft router bits. The 800w and 1.5Kw spindles have ER11 collets which can take up to 1/4" shaft router bits.

I have seen 2.2kw spindles that run at 110v but they would require a 20-amp circuit. The 1.5kw spindles only need a standard 15-amp circuit.

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I would list everything you will have and how much power they will draw. For example I think you could power both a 1.5kW spindle and the water pump from one 20 amp circuit. I would only go up to a 2.2kW spindle if 1/2" bits are something you are going to use. You can machine metal with a smaller spindle (or even the Makita) you just need to remove less metal per pass. I would go with the 80mm mount even if going with a 1.5kW spindle.

I would go with the 240v circuit simply because it gives you options. By code you can’t install an outlet rated for less than what the circuit breaker is rated at but you can install multiple outlets. So if you have your electrician install a 30 amp circuit they could put three 30 amp outlets. You can easily find 240v to 120v adapters on amazon for cheap. One 30 amp 240v circuit would easily provide all the power you would need for the 1F (other than a large dust collector).

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I run my 1F, a VFD (needed for the spindle), a water cooled 800 watt 65mm spindle, small water pump, and a couple of led strip lights off of one 20 amp outlet with no problem. Never tripped a breaker. I do run the small shop vac off of another circuit. Haven’t tried the same circuit because I ran out of outlets. I really like the water cooled spindle. The spindle itself makes almost no noise.

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Thank you all for your replies. I am trying to clear out my garage clutter before the CNC arrives and have an electrician look at my stuff. Sadly my home was built around a q00 amp service and to upgrade it to 200 amp and totally separate the garage from the house (My garage outlets currently share breakers with the kitchen outlets) will cost me over $9,000 that I do not yet have. I have 3 open slots in my breaker box and I was told I could free up a few more with “slim/skinny” breakers. I had hopped to have one 220v 30 amp outlet installed but have the outlet wired to a long cable that could reach most of the garage, and at least 3 dedicated but prefer 5-6 110v 20 amp outlets, one hast be that funny type with one slot horizontal and one vertical (for my future ThunderLaser).