VFD for 80mm 2.2kw 110v

Newbie question I bought an onefinity cnc (woodworker). Then a Huanyang 100v 2.2kw 80mm spindle and now I find out I need VFD to match. I have no idea what I am looking for to match. The control cable has an (I am guessing a 4 pin connection that plugs into spindle and the other end is 4 seperate wires hanging loose. Help please and thanks

VFDs can be fairly complicated thing if it’s not something you’ve ever encountered before. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it, it might be worth returning what you have and looking at a PWNcnc all in one system. Takes the headache out of it and you know you have a safe and functioning system.

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Thanks so much I am sinking fast but great advise will do. The more I try and learn the more confused I am.

You’ll find that there are virtually NO 2.2kw, 110V, spindles available. This is due to the current that would be needed, well over the limits of 110V wiring. I run a 1.5kw, 110v and I can tell you there’s little overhead on the 20A circuit it’s on…

2.2kw, 220V spindles are everywhere and draw much less current. I’d have one if I had 220 available in my garage…

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the information