VFD upgrade to 220v

Just had my garage wired for 240v-30amps breaker.
Curranty I’m running my chinese vfd & spindle @110v.
Is it possible to upgrade my vfd to 220v and still keep my 110v spindle?
Or do I need to upgrade both to 220v?

These are my vfd and spindle.

From all that I read about this, you will need a 220v spindle and VFD.

All I could find was: can a 110v VFD run 220v spindle, but could not find anything the other way around…

A 220 volt spindle definitely requires a VFD with 220volt feed to the spindle. A 220volt single phase input VFD will output 220volt 3 phase to the spindle. So, a 220volt input VFD will require a 220 volt spindle, a 110volt spindle will be overloaded

You need to upgrade both to 220V.

@Mark_Markus @Avbates
Thank you, that what I thought I have to do.
I’ll keep this one as a backup, and will switch to 220v.