Giving up. On my vfd

I own a

no proper connections and support for RS +,-

And it does not play well with others
I have my water cooled spindle working great and can run it manually. I want to be able to use the controller.I have this spindle

Please recommend the correct vfd if possible,I hate to scrap more than the vfd.
I pulled the trigger befor I knew what I was aiming at!
Thank you all

Here is the one I bought for that spindle. Go for the 2.2k incase you want to upgrade later VFD 220V 2.2KW 3hp Variable Frequency Drive CNC VFD Motor Drive Inverter Converter for Spindle Motor Speed Control HUANYANG HY-Series(2.2KW, 220V): Home Improvement

I was wondering if it was ok to buy a vfd for a 3hp motor and run a 2hp for awhile until I’m ready for a motor upgrade and a 80 mm mount .Scott are you able to control your motor using the1F controller?

sure can here is a great you tube
(1669) How To Install A CNC Spindle - Part 1 - YouTube

No problem running a larger VFD than your spindle. Just set the max amps to match your spindle, and you’ll be fine. It’s one of the 100+ settings available to you…

Scott ,
I just ordered the vfd, wish me luck, at least I will now have a common vfd.

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