Unable to get spindle running

Hi I recently installed a spindle with a Huanyang VFD 220 volt on my woodworker machine and on installation it did start running OK.
I followed along with Myers Workshop " How To Install A CNC Spindle - Part 2 - Wiring To The Controller" on Youtube and couldn’t get the spindle to run.
Did change a couple of other parameters without success so did a factory reset and went back to Myers settings again with no success.
The spindle is showing as OK in the control box etc but just can’t run.
Anyone have any ideas as too what I have stuffed up?
I am in Australia so use 220 volts
Thanks Kerry

Hey Kerry,

you did not tell which controller you use, the Masso G3 or the Buildbotics-derived Onefinity controller?

Is this video still not deleted???

This video tells you to attach the spindle without PE wire, which is extremely dangerous. I hope you did not follow this bad advice? If so, I would buy or make a new spindle cable immediately. See links below.

For the VFD settings, have you read and understood the VFD manual? I hope you don’t use settings from youtube videos without knowing what they are for!

When using the search function of this forum, haven’t you found this?

It mentions a few settings that you should know to which values you have to set them.

The other thing is the “speed control source” and the “RUN control source” that should be set depending on which which CNC controller you use.

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Sorry forgot about that and use the original Buildbotics supplied by Onefinity.
Yes I gave a 4 core shielded cable running to the spindle from the VFD and the whole cnc has been earthed through the VFD.
When I first plugged it in I could run the spindle using the front run button and after setting it up to run through the controller it went to start and tripped the overload switch on a 4 switch power board that I was useing to power and never been the same since.
I did buy this from Amazon in July 23 and the week after it turned up I had a couple of little heart attacks and had to have 5 stents in so only gotten to install it over the Christmas holidays so no warranty from them now and forget Huanyang.
I don’t know if I have stuffed the VFD or the spindle but shows that I would have been better doing more research and buying locally

Sorry forgot to say that parameter PD003 should be 400 but can only set it to 50 - PD005 is set to 400 and PD011 can only be set to 50 as well Kerry

Hey Kerry,

I hope you know that a switch between VFD and spindle is strictly prohibitive, and a switch on the input of the VFD is forbidden to be switched during the spindle run. Both can destroy both the VFD and the spindle. That is explained under the chapter “Safety precautions – Before the Power-up” in your VFD manual.

The only correct way to switch a spindle on and off is through the RUN and STOP commands in the VFD, either by the front panel, or by a RUN or STOP command received from the CNC controller.

Did you set “PD000 – Parameter Lock” first so that the settings can be edited?

Also, did you set this:

Do you know that a fuse or MCB must be selected according the input power of the VFD. Unfortunately, many cheap no-name or the Huanyang VFDs simply omit this value because they think if it was there on the nameplate or in the manual, the buyer would know that he needs to get an electrician that installs a stronger circuit, so they fear you would not buy the VFD.

Incorrect or missing data on cheap chinese VFDs and spindles

Remember that on a 200-240 V VFD with single-phase input for a 2.2 kW motor, the input current is 24 A.

No switch before or after the VFD - direct from the power supply but as it tripped the power out it would have been like a switch turning off so maybe this has damaged the VFD or the spindle and it now won’t work - when I press the run button on powering up nothing happens and it also doesn’t trip the power board .
Yes PD0000 was set to 0
Set PD144 to 3000
and basically you are saying that you need a power supply of at least 25amps to run.
What a misleading advertising and no wonder you can’t contact them for comment
Thanks Aipha5u

I think the 24 amp rating is for full load amps, you will never get to that degree of load.IMHO

Agreed, I used a amp clamp with my pico scope to measure it through a couple jobs when I first got the 2.2kW HY spindle and it was below 10A on the line side of the VFD. I’ve been running it on a 20A circuit breaker for 2 years without any nuance tripping.

Hey Derek, hey Pat @PezWoodworks,

that may be true, but that is no reason to recommend people to attach an electric device to a supply circuit that cannot cope with the device’s input current rating.

As I said in an older thread with this point raised, I would never recommend to attach an electrical device to a supply circuit that is not capable to deliver its input current rating.

And an electrician is surely not allowed too (you already answered on this one (where you made a difference if you were at work and being in your workshop)).

Maybe people who mill wood or make only signs or cutting boards or flags will never consume as much as the rated input current, but it is possible with extremely hard woods like black locust, and a big enough bit and aggressive depth of cut, ramp and stepover settings. See here how easy it is to draw the VFD to its limit in this video that draws up to 10 A current from the output of the VFD (video) (after a delay that VFDs leave to the overload situation, it would have tripped).

See also

I made no recommendation only an observation from running my machine that it never gets close to full load amps.

I don’t see where I recommended anything, please don’t suggest that I did.

Thanks everyone for the advice but just think I bought a lemon and have to replace it.
We have a brand called Folinn VFD here in Australia or even the cheap Vevor VFD s wich you could put up with because of the price.
Not sure what Onefinity would want to classify them in their tool list unlike the Huanygan VFD
thanks Kerry

The Masso forum has a lot of info for many VFD mfg’s you can probably find the one you are looking at there.

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Hey Derek,

is this adressed to me?

I don’t think I did. I only wrote:

The question was: “Is an electrician allowed to…” and you answered “no” at that time but then you mentioned that in your own workshop you used a smaller fuse.

I have not seen or said that you recommended anything.

Seems you were addressing me, Pat and PezWoodworks with that response.

Hey Derek,

I addressed the general public and the readers of this thread. As already stated, I don’t think that I suggested that you recommended anything anywhere.

With “recommending” I also mean if someone says: “Maybe this VFD has a rated input current of 24 A but it is okay if you attach it to a 15 A supply circuit”.

On the other hand, I don’t think it to be a recommendation if someone says: “In my home workshop, I attached it to a 15 A supply circuit”. Then it is just a report (possibly of a bad thing).