HY VFD Not Controlling Spindle (solved)

I finally have my HY spindle installed it’s the 65mm 110v version. I made the power and controller cable myself. I got it to run on the bench from the VFD. I built a control box and got the VFD and Masso power box installed. I cannot get the spindle to run from the Masso Controller. I have more than triple-checked the wiring and from what I can tell it is correct. So the problem I think is a setting on the VFD. The display on the VFD shows a backward 7 000.00. I think from the manual it should be backwards 7 050.00. I cannot figure out which parameter function to change to get it to be the 050.00Hz. Also, the LEDs on top are Power - solid on, Forward - blinking, Rev - Off, Hz - solid on, A - off, and ROTT - off. I also set it back to run from the VFD and it runs but not full RPM. Any help will be appreciated.

Hey Gerald,

what about Huanyang RPM?

Did you also check hy vfd setup and huanyang vfd setup?

I think that also Huanyang VFD @Aiph5u could be informative.

When I want to program a VFD to match my spindle and my CNC controller, I first read the VFD manual. Together with the spindle manual and the CNC Controller Documentation it should give you all necessary information to program your VFD to match your spindle and to select the communication with the CNC controller. But hélas! If you bought a cheap chinese VFD, the VFD manual will sound partly like chinese. Not all VFD manuals are like those from the japanese.

Then, if it still does not work with the knowledge that is set down as Writing, then I go to to the marketplace (lat. forum) and I ask the elders – no, I don’t do that, I don’t ask the elders first, because Writing 2.0 was already invented – so instead, first I scan the data in the database, so you e.g. find and check this and this by searching for Huanyang RPM.

I found the problem it was a user error. I found that I had not set the PD001 to 1. Changed it and it started to run at any speed set by the Masso G3. Sad it took me 2 days of troubleshooting to find it.

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Hey Gerald,

I hope that you did not need two days to get to page 19! :slight_smile:

  • Source of RUN command
  • Source of SPEED (frequency) control

Those are the settings necessary in every VFD to let the VFD be controlled by a CNC controller.

– Source: Huanyang HY Series VFD Manual (PDF)

For control by a Masso G3, which unfortunately lacks Modbus capability, this has to be controlled by the VFD’s programmable input terminals (like on diagram below), so these would have been set to “1” (external input terminals, here: digital terminal for run/stop, and analog 0-10 V terminal for speed).

– Source: Masso DocumentationSpindle VFD examplesHuanyang VFD

If you wanted to let it control by the buildbotics-derived Original Series Onefinity Controller, which supports Modbus communication, both would have been set to “2” (communication interface) instead, and you would wire the CNC controller to RS485 port on diagram.

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