Spindle not responding to potentiometer

Good morning! I’m new to the spindle world and have scoured the user manual and I can’t find a direct answer to my issue and don’t want to replace my VFD again, so I thought I would come to the experts.
I’m using a Huanyang 220V 1.5Kw HY01D523B series VFD and a G-Penny 220V 1.5Kw 65mm air cooled spindle.
Here is the issue:
When I turn on my VFD, all is good and it boots up fine.
When I hit the Run button, the spindle goes to 24k rpms within the acceleration time setting and when I hit the Stop button, it stops within the deceleration time setting.

For now, I’m good with controlling the spindle with the potentiometer since I’m still at the spindle learning phase.
My settings for the VFD are below for correction if you see anything that I’ve got wrong.
VFD Parameter set:

PD000=0 for Parameter unlock ( 1 ) for Parameter Lock











PD13= 08 is for Factory reset, Only use this to set VFD to Factory Default Settings

PD014 Acceleration=10

PD015 Deceleration=10

PD141=220 ( Motor Rated Voltage )

PD142=( 220VSet for your motor Amp Rating 1.5Kw Spindle 7 amp )

PD143=2 ( Motor Number of Poles)

PD144=3000 (Max Motor RPM)




Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give.

Hey Jeremiah,

you have to short 2-3 on Jumper J1 for onboard potentiometer and 1-2 on Jumper J1 for externally connected potentiometer. The latter is for use with the MASSO G3 on the Elite Series which will behave like a potentiometer (MASSO G3 does not support Modbus communication over a serial communication).

PD001 “Source of RUN command” (RUN/REV/STOP) must be set to “0” if you want to control the VFD on the onboard keypad, to “1” if you want to control RUN/STOP with an external terminal (this is for use with the MASSO G3 of the Elite Series) and to “2” if you want to control over the Modbus serial communications port (this is for use with the buildbotics-derived Onefinity Controller of the Original/X-50/PRO Series).

PD002 “Source of Operating Frequency” (SPINDLE SPEED) can be set to “0” for control with the onboard keypad, to “1” for control by potentiometer (onboard or external depending on Jumper J1) (this is for use with the MASSO G3 of Elite Series) and to “2” if you want to control SPINDLE SPEED over the Modbus serial communications port (this is for use with the buildbotics-derived Onefinity Controller of the Original/X-50/PRO Series).

For the other settings, see also here.

Unfortunately the Huanyang HY Series VFDs don’t even support Sensorless Vector Control (SVC), only stupid V/f Control. V/f Control can be tweaked with PD005–PD007:


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I have the settings and the jumper as you mention above.
I’ve read through your other post and from what I can tell from my settings, I have it all correct but still have the issue.
Are you saying that the issue would lie in my settings on PD005-PD007?

Hey Jeremiah,

you have 2-3 shorted on Jumper J1 and PD002 set to “1”?

No, I just wanted to explain them. The settings in PD005–PD007 (frequency) and PD008-PD010 (voltage) define the curves as shown above, so you can create your individual curve of Voltage/frequency relationship. See Scalar Control for explanation.

This for those VFDs which have no Vector Control (SVC). Nowadays VFDs that are not capable of Vector Control are rare and nobody should be forced to use one. Even many cheap chinese VFDs have Vector Control, but not the Huanyang HY Series.

I have the jumper on the VR setting, which should be pins 2-3.
I set PD002 to 1 and now the spindle does not respond when I push the Run button and the potentiometer does nothing.

HY02D223B VFD Parameters for Masso.pdf (229.1 KB)

These are the settings I used for my 2.2kw 220v HY Spindle & VFD. Obviously you may have to adjust things based on the power rating for your spindle which should be printed on the side of the spindle or with the documentation. Use this as a guide though. It helped me.

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Let me look at them this evening and I’ll report back. Thank you.

Hey Jeremiah,

that the RUN and SPEED functions cease to be controllable by the VFD’s keypad if you change the settings PD001 and PD002 is expected behaviour.

I don’t know what “VR” means as in the PDF manual I have here, there is no such labeling. What if you change the jumper, does the onboard potentiometer work then?

I heard that the Huanyang VFDs exist in different revisions with undocumented changes and terminal variations.

Do you want it to be controlled by the CNC controller? If so, which one do you own?

For the Huanyang HY to Onefinity Elite with MASSO G3 wiring, see here. For wiring the Huanyang HY to the buildbotics-derived Onefinity Controller of Original/X-50/PRO Series, it’s simply the two-wire interface from RS+ and RS- to corresponding pins 13 and 14 on 25-pin I/O Interface, with PD001 and PD002 set to “2”.

I have the BB controller and I think I’m going to try resetting to factory settings and then reprogramming.
The VR that I mentioned on the jumper is where it is on pins 2 and 3.
Thank you for the help…I think I’ll try to control it from the BB controller, but it will be later this weekend before I can test it out.
I’ll report back asap.