HY VFD setup and program for water cooled spindle 110v

I just received my HY 110v water cooled spindle. I won’t get my 1F until April. If anyone could explain how to program the VFD so I could use the knob for speed control I would be most grateful.

Hey Dan,

set jumper J1 to “2-3” and set PD002 to “1” and PD070 to “1”. Then the potentiometer on the Front panel will control speed. But be aware that with these settings, the Onefinity CNC controller will not be able to control the speed by the g-code program or by entering speed commands in the MDI field.

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I tried to assist in the threads listed below, but be aware that there are more than one people where RS-485 connection did not work. No one knows why. Please note that I don’t own a Huanyang VFD and neither a no-name chinese spindle. I am just used to read datasheets and technical manuals and to understand them. Unfortunately cheap chinese products mostly have manuals where even me cannot understand because they are crap.


Hey Aiph5u,

Thanks for your input. After digging thru every HY VFD video on YT I did find one that fixed my problem. I did check out some of the threads you listed and they also helped. I know what you mean about the manuals that come with the Chinese products.

@Danno49 Would you mind sharing you solution. I have the HY 110v 1.5KW VFD, but I can’t get it to work with the Infinity controller.

Hi Carlos,

I didn’t run my spindle through my 1F controller. I kept it separate. I wanted to be able to control the spindle speed with the knob on the VFD. If you want to control it using the 1F controller I would suggest watching the video on YouTube by Meyers Woodworking. He shows how to hook up the HY VFD and spindle. Hope this helps.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the follow up. I watched this video and bunch others, I couldn’t get the 1F to control the spindle. Looked for cold solders, flipped 13/14, different baud rate. Zilch. I keep getting a timed out message.

I made the mistake of resetting the VDF back to factory settings (PD13=8) and stuff is now not working correctly. I have the HY01D511B VDF, which I think is what you have.

So to get the dial to control the speed, what did you set?
I press run on my unit and the motor spins up to 400Hz and the dial does nothing.

Hey Jay,

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The answer is written there, above:

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The J1 pin is listed as NPN and PNP on my vfd.
I tried both positions on J1 and the rpm was lower on PNP than NPN, and no control using the dial.
I see J2 is VO and AO…

Hey Jay,

then you have another model or another revision than the VFD referred here. What does your VFD manual say about enabling front potentiometer?

Also usually people tell which VFD model they have when they search for help

EDIT: The original poster opened a new thread and the problem was solved here:

Speed control dial does nothing on VFD (SOLVED)

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