Tool Enable Doesn't Work With Huanyang VFD

Hi all,

I’m currently setting up my Onefinity to work with a spindle. The spindle I’m using is a Huanyang 2.2kW unit. In the tool configuration I programmed the tool-type to Huanyang VFD and I was able to successfully control the spindle speed using M3 SXXX in the MDI. My setup uses a microcontroller (Arduino) to control interposing relays for the vacuum & water cooling so I could program the dust collection to have a delayed shutdown & keep the water pump running until the water reaches the set temperature. For this to work I had intended on using the tool enable mode (hi-lo) to drive an input in the Arduino. This is where my issue is - it appears that the tool enable (pin 15) does not change state when the tool type is set to Huanyang VFD specifically. I understand that the tool (spindle) is technically being enabled via RS485, however it would still be nice to utilize pin 15 for other tools such as the dust collection and water pump. I’ve verified that the output is not changing state by measuring the 3.3VDC as well as monitoring the output status found in Control → Indicators → Outputs while toggling between M3 S4000 & M5 in the MDI. My firmware version is 1.0.8 which I believe is the most up to date version. I’m still very new to this so there is a good chance that I’ve missed something. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Branden,

You may instead use the VFD’s capabilities to turn dust collection or water pump on. This would be the most obvious and usual way to do this since VFDs control if the spindle is running and also know when it has reached the speed. For the Huanyang VFD, search for “Multi-Output” in the manual.

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Hi Aiph5u,

I appreciate the feedback!

I was hoping I could use the output from the VFD to monitor for faults, however if I’m unable to use pin 15 then I will probably go that route.

Hey Branden,

on the other hand I would want everything that is said to work to really work. According to the docs, “tool-enable” generally should work.

Question, does the pin work when you set “tool-type” to another setting?

By the way, I remember that the other day Ghislain pointed us to a possible issue when using the 25-pin I/O port:

and Andy confirmed to know this issue too:

Did you already check this? But if you send M3 commands to the VFD, I assume your 25-pin I/O connector is well connected.

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Maybe obvious but have you checked that it works via MDI input.

Try Coolant and mist enable as triggers to enable L1 or L2 - that’s my plan (I have the bits but not the time). I also plan to use the VFD outputs in combination with L1 or L2 states to logically test and fire up an alarm if the CNC controller is driving but that the spindle is not spinning.

Hey Branden,

Possibly “tool-enable” only works with “PWM Spindle” as tool-type. @satoer also uses “PWM Spindle” as “tool-type” in order to use “tool-enable”=“lo-hi” for switching the trim router on.

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You have to use FC/FB/DCM and PD052/PD053 when you use VFD. See this

Hi Aiph5u,

I’ll try PWM after work and let you know - from what I’ve read it should definitely work on that setting… I’ve removed the connector from the list of possibilities as I can see the voltage toggle between 3.3VDC & 0VDC when I change the setting from lo-hi & hi-lo. I’ll re-verify tonight as well.

Agreed. Perhaps a firmware update is needed?

Hi AndyP,

As far as I know it should work from MDI.

I still haven’t learned anything as far as post processing goes - is using L1 / L2 generally easy to account for in the post processor? From my understanding the tool enable would be automatic and not require further coding in the post processor, however my knowledge is pretty limited in this area still. L1 / L2 would be a pretty simple fix.

Hi Ghislain B,

I’m currently using these in conjunction with fault detection for my local HMI & alarm output. My plan was to use that as a last ditch effort if I couldn’t drive it from the Onefinity.

L1 and L2 are driven by coolant and mist settings which are added to tool paths in CAM. If my recollection is correct, L1 and L2 give 36v outputs

This sounds like a relatively easy solution, thanks Andy.

Having said that, it would still be nice to see the firmware/software side of things updated to either remove the tool enable checkbox or have it functional. Would this be something to reach out to Buildbotics for, or Onefinity?

But the firmware on the remote controller is programmed to ignore PWM frequencies. If it’s getting a signal, it enables the router. No matter what the frequency is. I don’t know how a VFD handles this signal.

Hey Branden,

There are enough Multi-Outputs on the Huanyang VFD to have both:




By the way what do you mean with HMI?

Hi Aiph5u,

My model must be slightly different as it doesn’t have the KA & KB terminals. I’m going to do some research into the DRV & UPF terminals tonight. I will need these to switch on 3.3VDC or 5VDC to my Arduino input and I’m not familiar with how open collector outputs work at the moment. I just did a quick continuity check from DRV to DCM and when the spindle turns on it goes from open to 123 ohms. Maybe it needs a connected voltage to work properly? I’ll have to do some more learning and I’ll let you know what I find. If I can make this work I think it would be the preferred method.

Human machine interface, basically a screen that will display the current alarm status and indications such as water temp and water flow. Mostly used to identify problems quickly if an alarm was to go off (and ensure things are going as expected if the alarm isn’t going off).

Forgot to mention this in my last reply. Setting the tool to PWM does allow for the tool enable to toggle when M3 SXXX & M5 are written in MDI.

And if you set “tool-type” to “Huanyang VFD”, the pin 15 ceases to do something then?

Yes, that’s correct.

your model does not differ from those I’ve seen. Despite having studied the manual, I have no clue where to find KA & KB? Maybe Ghislain knows?

Until the other day I even hadn’t a knowledge of this Jumper as it’s not in the Huanyang Manual found at buildbotics…

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Hey Branden,

found this:

Re: Looking for guidance on new 1.5kW Water cooled spindle
04-09-2019, 09:41 AM
mactec54 (member)

Originally Posted by rcheli View Post

I wanted to use the relay contact shown in the manual labeled KA & FB to turn on the 12V power to the water pump and fans. I don’t see a KA terminal anywhere on the VFD and the manual diagram shows two FBs but there is only one on the VFD. I have another way to do this but this way would be cleaner. Does anyone know where the KA terminal is? Or what it is actually labeled?

Not all the VFD Models have all the Relay outputs, here is a snip of the relays on a different model, so what you see in the manual does not always relate to the model you have

– Source:

Re: Driving coolant pump with VFD
04-13-2015, 04:09 PM
mactec54 (member)

The manuals are a mess, I have 4 that have different use for the same Terminals, 1 New one is saying they are inputs, 2 say they are outputs, 1 has no listing at all but does show the Terminals

If you have the SSR then try what Al.has suggested as if this is working on your drive, just try the DRV & DCM connected to your SSR, then see if it is switching the SSR output terminals win win if it is working

– Source:

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