VFD Error Message

I have a Huanyang vfd with a 2.2kw 220v spindle. During a cut at running at 18000 rpm I got the following error message:

and my coolant pump stopped running. What does it mean. Pump is operated through a solid state relay hooked up to DCM and FC. PD052 is set to 2.

This is a listing of error codes. Hope it helps

Thanks Dave. It was an overheating of the vfd message. As a way to quiet the vfd fan I had wired it to a 45 C thermo switch. When I removed the thermo switch the problem was solved.

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…“Error Over HeatiNg”…

So we learn VFDish language. Next summer when it’s too hot I will shout out “EoHn! EoHn!” :slight_smile:

Hey Dave,

This is wrong. This means your VFD is programmed to stop the water pump in case of an error condition. I assume that we’re talking of the water cooling for the spindle? If yes, spindle should be cooled as long as VFD is in “Run” state. For this, PD052 has to be set to “1”: