Spindle Over Current Error code

I’m having an ongoing issue with my 2.2kw 110v spindle from Huanyang. I purchased a replacement after suspecting some issues with my current one. After hooking it up, I get EOC.n error code which is over current at constant speed. Never had this problem with the original. Lots of messages back and forth with Huanyang trying all different parameters and nothing works. Not sure what they’re resolution will be so that’s why I am asking for some advice here. The only the measurable difference I can see is that the replacement spindle is drawing over 3amps with no load at 8k. My original would be around 1.5amps. Thanks

Did a full VFD reset and reconfigured all the settings to what I had before. Spindle starts up with no overcurrent trip, seems to cut fine under a load as well. It seems to act a bit different than the original one… Much slower startup

Acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted with program codes pd014 and pd015. I think mine is at 10 for each.

I don’t think 3 amps is unusual or unexpected. My 220 2.2kw under no load seems to sit around 2 amps.

Yes I did adjust those, It’s very odd how my original spindle would ramp up extremely fast and smooth under less current than the new one… Its definitely starting up fast enough for me, just a bit sluggish at first compared to the old one. Basically I’m just trying to make sure that I have everything set correct.