Problems installing Huanyang VFD and spindle on my Woodworker

I am having a problem getting the Huanyang VFD and the matching spindle working properly.
I purchased this from Amazon; 110V 800w vfd Spindle Package:110V 1.5KW VFD+110V 800w Φ65mm ER11 Water Cooled Spindle Motor+110V Water Pump+65mm Clamp +5m Water Pipe.
I have confirmed the wiring of the VFD and the plug is installed correctly, the breakout board and VFD wiring installation process I believe is correct. I have also confirmed all information on the CNC controller and tool settings to be correct and have tested the spindle working and I have run the working spindle a few times during the process.

Now when I start the system up and input a speed this information shows correct but the spindle will not run but the controller and the VFD info shows OK and the RPM speed I set shows correct but the spindle does not turn on and I have tried to restart the spindle on many occasions.
Can anyone advise me of what I might being doing wrong or maybe I am not starting the system properly. I never have never used a spindle and a VFD before but have only used my Mikita router on the Onefinity. The Mikita router is very simple, plug in and turn on the router. I have used the Onefinity with the Mikita for approx. 1.5 years and have completed many projects. I would appreciate any help you could give me or any information help on my issue and problem and the time being spent. My CNC has not worked for almost 2 weeks and I need to get it back running ASAP.

I appreciate and THANK YOU for your time and effort!

Hey Rick. The only thing I think of, if you had the spindle working with the VFD prior to incorporating the breakout board adapter, is that there’s something amiss between the controller software setup and / or the VFD programming that’s specific to allowing the controller to take control of the spindle through the VFD.

If memory serves, breakout board wiring is pin #13 to VFD RS+ and pin #14 to VFD RS-. Program settings for the VFD are as follows:

PD000 - 0
PD001 - 2
PD002 - 2
PD163 - 1
PD164 - 1
PD165 - 3
PD000 - 1

See: Connecting a Huanyang VFD

As far as controller settings, you should be good-to-go by choosing “Huanyang VFD” from the tool menu dropdown.

See: Buildbotics Controller Manual (v1.0)

If all that’s set and you’re still not able to control the spindle from the software, others have reported having issues with relevant pin connections, actual hardware issues requiring soldering repair.

As an aside, I noted that my Huanyang VFD came declaring that it was already factory set to the proper settings for the included spindle and it was not. It was initially being under-powered with maxed out rpms at 11,520. Once you’re up and running and if that becomes an issue, check to ensure that the following is set (if applicable to your specific spindle):

PD010 = 8
PD144 = 3000

I also had to change one setting for the controller under “Max Spin”. I can’t recall exactly what it was set to but it was hilariously lower than the rated 24,000 that the spindle’s capable of.

Hey Rick

what is the status of Tool Configuration TabModBus Statusconnection:"

Is it “OK”, or “Timed Out”?

I will program it again tomorrow to make sure it is correct per your email. I will let you know tomorrow if this makes a difference and Thanks!

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Hey Rick,

what is the status of Tool Configuration TabModBus Statusconnection:"

Is it “OK”, or “Timed Out”?

  • If it is “Timed Out”, you could check serial communication cable, and especially check if it is this issue.

    Also please check, as Carrianne suggested, that the serial communication settings are correct. For ModBus communication it is important that the ModBus serial communication settings on the Onefinity Controller and the settings in the VFD (PD163, PD164 and PD165) are set identically!

  • If the ModBus communication status shows “OK”, then please can you enter “M3 S8000” into the command field on your MDI Tab"?

    • What happens if you do?

If you cannot find some error here and the spindle still does not run, you could try to switch back from ModBus communication mode to Operator panel mode and see if you can start the spindle then. For this, you would have to set the “Source of Operation Commands” (PD001) and the “Source of Operating Frequency” (PD002) from “2” back to “0” which would allow control by the VFD’s Front Operator Panel, i.e. starting spindle with “RUN” button and setting speed with arrow keys, in this case, the frequency you want the spindle to run is set in “Main Frequency” (PD003). Start with entering “133” here.

Here some additional information on how to properly program a VFD:

The most important settings to enter into your VFD before a first test run are:

  • spindle rated voltage,
  • spindle rated current, and
  • spindle number of magnetic poles.

:warning: If you don’t set these correctly, you can easily damage your spindle or your VFD or both!

On the Huanyang HY series VFDs, these are the settings PD141, PD142, and PD143 (in this order).

According to what you reported, for a 110 V 800 W spindle, the rated voltage should be 110 V and rated current should be about 7 A.

  • Have you set PD141 to “110” and PD142 to “7”?

This is especially important because you wrote that you bought a VFD that is able to provide much more power (1.5 kW) than the spindle is rated (0.8 kW). You have to limit the current which the VFD provides to the spindle in these cases.

Also setting the correct number of magnetic poles is very important, because in case you still have the default of “4” here, instead of “2” (which should be correct for most cheap spindles rated with 24,000 RPM), the spindle would run only with half the speed.

  • Did you set PD143 to “2”?

Also spindles are not only rated with a maximum, but also with a minimum speed, which should not be undercut, what requires you to set a lower limit for spindle speed inside the VFD. Since the rotational speed of the spindle is calculated this way:


e.g. 400 Hertz × 2 × 60 seconds / 2 poles = 24,000 rpm

this means with a spindle with two magnetic poles, a VFD with 400 Hz max. frequency can deliver 0–24,000 RPM spindle speed. A VFD with 580 Hz max. frequency can deliver 0–34,800 RPM.

Most 24000 RPM spindles with magnetic 2 poles have a minimum speed allowed by manufacturer of something between 8000 and 6000 RPM (see your spindle’s datasheet!) and running them slower can damage them, it would be good to set the “Lower limit of frequency” inside the VFD to something between 133 and 100 Hz:

100 Hertz × 2 × 60 seconds / 2 poles = 6,000 rpm
133 Hertz × 2 × 60 seconds / 2 poles = 7,980 rpm (≈ 8,000 rpm)

On the Huanyang HY series, this would be setting PD011 “Frequency Lower Limit”.

  • Did you set PD011 to something between “100” and “133”?

Also the HY series have a setting called “rated motor revolution” at 50 Hz (PD144). Here you have to enter the RPM that your spindle would run in case it would be driven with a frequency of 50 Hz (even if this is outside the allowed range for the spindle). You calculate this according the same formula above:

50 Hertz × 2 × 60 seconds / 2 poles = 3,000 rpm

  • So here you got to set PD144 to “3000”.

Please let me know if this makes sense and what might I do to resolve my issue.

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It seems your issue has gone full-on rogue. Any chance you might just copy / paste the info into the post directly?