Huanyang 220V 2.2kW VFD grounding and EMI issues

Hey Jeremy,

good afternoon. Now your image corresponds to what I described yesterday (with the exception that I cannot see how you connected the cable shield, but for this you can read this paper).

It is important to understand that if you are not an electrician or an electrical engineer, you should only attempt to wire such things yourself if you are sure you have acquired at least the relevant knowledge of an electrician needed for this. This is not done by watching the amazon video that you can acquire this knowledge! Better if you want to get into the electrical subject is to buy the books that are used in the electrician’s apprenticeship.

But it was clear that you are someone who just does dangerous things and I have seen that you just connect cables somewhere without knowing what you are doing, and I could not have slept peacefully last night without having at least made clear the things mentioned above, because I knew you would just continue and I do not want to hear the next morning that you have burned your place down or were electrocuted.

I hope that you also did some other things right with cable assembling by using the correct crimped ring connectors or wire ferrules, and also by choosing adequate wire sizes.

I also hope that you did not program your VFD with settings you don’t understand just because someone on the net told you so, or just by following some amazon video, but made sure all mandatory VFD settings are set and correct.

If you search this forum you will find that your topic was asked and replied to many times already and most of the information is already there, as I mentioned above: