Help with H100 VFD setup/wiring/programming (solved)

Perhaps I should have gotten the HY that others have to aid in this process, but alas, I thought “Why not get the VFD made by the same company as the spindle?” ( I have a 2.2kw / 220v aircooled GPenny spindle)
I see lots on info about the HY VFDs, but apparently this thing is pretty new and I certainly don’t want to mess anything up considering this is a steep learning curve for me.

Can anyone help me make sense of the wiring and programming?

Here is a link to the VFD manual -

My controller is the MASSO G3 touch (Elite Foreman)
Ill be powering the VFD with a 220v / 20 amp circuit
A spindle cable was provided when I bought this setup, I have checked continuity and found the yellow wire on that cable to be the ground.
This is the control cable I have - Control Cable – PwnCNC

My machine should be shipping this week and Im trying to get the ball rolling on these things.

Thank you to all in advance, Im grateful for this community.

Hey Aaron,

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Do you think that the HY h100 is essentially the same as the GPenny h100?
The manual for the GPenny h100 says it has vector control, Im not sure but I dont think the HY does?

Hey Aaron,

if you have the VFD that is described in the manual you linked, then it is not a Huanyang. Also I don’t think GPenny manufactures VFDs.

However I doubt that Huanyang is a real manufacturer. In any case you can get Huanyang HY Series VFDs with no Huanyang Label. I would only buy VFDs from reputable manufacturers like Omron, Hitachi or Invertek.

You can recognize serious VFDs by that they do not willingly omit the VFD input current rating. And that they have good, didactical and big manuals available in many languages.

Here is the VFD I have, interesting that they are both h100 models. (GPenny & HY)

I found this on the MASSO forum.

I am mostly there! I have the MASSO controlling the vfd/spindle, but there are 2 weird things I hope you may be able to help with.

  1. I have to press the green RUN button on the VFD or the power box just clicks (relay), if I press RUN, the fan starts and then the MASSO will control the running and RPM of the spindle, is this the normal behavior?
  2. When I power on my vfd from the wall switch, the spindle starts to turn very slowly, almost tiny “pulses” basically as slow as it will go. At first, the spindle would spin faster, but then I changed the “lower frequency limit” (F011) to “0”. It operated as normal for a while, but now instead of turning on the vfd and then hitting the RUN button and essentially nothing happens (although I can control from MASSO), the spindle barely moves. I’ve noticed that the baby burst spinning starts once I power on the MASSO. Then, if I turn off the MASSO, the spindle speeds up to around 1000-2000 rpm (as my spindle drops…) until I press the STOP button on the vfd.

Any idea what I need to change in my VFD in order to:
1 - Not need to press the RUN button in order for the MASSO to be able to start up the spindle.
2 - Be able to turn the vfd on via wall switch and have the spindle stay still until it gets a command from the MASSO.

I thought I would flip my 220v switch to energize the vfd, then power on my MASSO and be able to start/stop/control the spindle with the MASSO.

Any assistance is appreciated, here is the manual for the vfd I have.
Onefinity Elite Series Owners Manual (05.09.2024).pdf (23.7 MB)

Here is my wiring on the VFD, I got the control cable from PWNCNC.

Thank you in advance!
Im SO close!

If you want to run the spindle with Masso you need to enter a spindle RPM in the empty box next to the button for Spindle CW and then press the CW Button.

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Yes, I can do that, but only after I hit the RUN button, Im gonna make a video to demonstrate

Is the run button green or red on the F1 page, maybe it is backwards, just guessing.Pat

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There are two slightly different behaviors depending on the order of operations.

Based on the video, I’d say you have a ground issue. I see the two power (hot) leads on the L & N screws to the VFD and a green cable going to the earthing point. What I don’t see in the picture is a ground to the spindle, just the U,V,W seem to be attached, but I don’t see a 4th wire to the spindle. The spindle ground, I think should also be on the earthing screw as well, so you should have 2 wires at the earthing screw. If there is no ground from the spindle to VFD, the frame may be trying to be the ground.

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So I just noticed something interesting. I took apart all the grounds and cleaned everything and reconnected it and it’s still acted the same way. Then I noticed that the frequency slightly changes when I turn the masso on.

Masso off

Masso on

This is what it shows once I hit the run button on the vfd

This is if I turn the masso off while the vfd is still in run mode

Are there any tells here that could help navigate towards the root cause?

Okay now I figured out something else. The value of f 011 is “lower frequency limit”

The minimum RPM for this spindle is 9,000 so technically that should be set to 150. It seems as though whatever I set that value to is what the vfd tries to set the spindle to when the green run button is depressed on the vfd. This happens when the MASSO is off as well.

Here are my important VFD parameters.
You can browse to page 20 of this manual to see the table of parameter meanings and values. -

F001 - (the value of “0” means it its controlled by the keypad on vfd, a value of “1” sets it to external control. If I have it on “1”, all I get is a relay click in the black box, no control from masso. If its set to “0”, I can press the green RUN button on the VFD, it will fire up the spindle to the exact frequency as set in parameter F011 for “lower minimum frequency”, but I can then control the spindle via the masso. I even run jobs and the masso will spin up the spindle to the correct rpm, then power down, but it never goes below the value of F011)

F002 - 1
F003 - 60
F004 - 400
F005 - 400
F008 - 380
F011 - 150
F014 - 10
F015 - 10
F140 - 2.2
F141 - 220
F142 - 11
F143 - 2
F144 - 24
F170 - 2


Thank you to all that helped.
The main issue was that the white wire out of the control cable was supposed to be grounded and it was not. Once that happened and I set the NPN/PNP/ jumper and F067 parameters correctly, it worked…

So excited!

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Hey Aaron,

sorry, I was absent a few days. Is everything working correct now?

I think so!!! Now to run a rest cut!