Huanyang VFD wiring to Elite Masso G3 Touch

All, I have an HY 220v 2.2kW spindle and VFD. Can I connect my HY VFD to my Masso touch screen(Elite Forman)? I do have the VFD connection on the underside of the touch screen. I have searched and searched but found nothing.

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what you mean is probably this:

in conjunction with this:

See also here for more information

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That looks like what I need. Thank You. I am not he best cable maker… Do you know anyone that makes these cables?

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Hey all,

Internal Masso G3
Spindle Control
FunctionGX12 6-pin connector
on back of Elite Masso G3 Touch (internal wire colors)
Wire color and pin on

PwnCNC control cable

HY Series VFD
G3GNDpin 1 blackpin 1 blackgoes toGND
SC10-10 V Analogpin 2 redpin 2 redgoes toVI
SC5CWpin 3 yellowpin 3 yellowgoes to FOR
SC4 & SC6Commonpin 4 greenpin 4 whitegoes to DCM
Not connectedpin 5 white
SC7CCWpin 6 bluepin 5 greengoes to REV

CW = Motor clockwise rotation (forward)
CCW = Motor counter-clockwise rotation (reverse)
VI = Voltage input (controls spindle speed via 0–10 V analog voltage)
DCM = DC common
GND = Ground

Image: Huanyang HY Series Basic Wiring Diagram (Source: Huanyang HY Series Manual)

Image: --Source: Spindle VFD examples → Huanyang – Masso Documentation

Image: – Source: VFD/SPINDLE wiring schematic for Elite Masso machines

My spindle control port7 doesn’t have any wire, is that normal?

Hey Waynec,

S7 is for counter-clockwise rotation of the spindle. That is rarely used when milling wood, soft metals or plastic, because most bits have their cutters working in clockwise rotation.

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