Hitachi WJ200/Omron MX2 wiring to Masso GX12 6-pin connector

Does anyone have a photo of the wiring from the gx16 cable to the wj200 they could share?

Hey Brenden,

what do you mean with GX16 input?

Gx12 sorry. From the display to the Vfd

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You mean from the Masso G3 Touch CNC Controller to the VFD, this is here under FAQ:

Directly at Masso Documentation there are also these pages which explain what the cables are for:

For the other cable, from VFD to the spindle, see

and of course:

as well as:

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Thanks. I’m familiar with those, looking for photo documentation or YouTube as people have done for the HY.

Hey Brenden,

I don’t have a photo documentation (although planned), but here you can see the WJ200-specific pins that you have to use:

Internal Masso
Spindle Control
FunctionGX12 6-pin connector
on back of Elite Masso G3 Touch (internal wire colors)
Wire color and pin on

PwnCNC control cable

Hitachi WJ200
or Omron MX2
G1 or G2 or G3 or G4 or G5GNDpin 1 blackpin 1 blackgoes to"L"
SC10-10 V Analogpin 2 redpin 2 redgoes to "O"
SC5CWpin 3 yellowpin 3 yellowgoes to

“1 (FWD)”
(with C001 set to “00”)

SC4 & SC 6Commonpin 4 greenpin 4 whitegoes to


Not connectedpin 5 white
SC7CCWpin 6 bluepin 5 greengoes to

“2 (REV)”
(with C002 set to “01”)


:warning: Important: The short bar must be on “P24” and “PLC”, not on “L”! (image on the left is correct).

On WJ200 settings, there also must be:
A001 (source of motor speed command) set to “01” (analog input) and
A002 (source of run command) set to “01” (control terminals).

– Source: Hitachi WJ200 or Omron MX2 manual

All this applies to both Hitachi WJ200 and Omron MX2.

Please note hint from Onefinity manufacturer:


This is using the cable from Pwncnc

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Thank you that is helpful, no pin 4 then?

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Hey Brenden,

oops, there is a line that is lacking. Sorry! Goes to “L” too. Will correct the table above tomorrow.

EDIT: I corrected the table above.

So only the green pin is left out?

Hey Brenden,

the white (pin 5) is not connected:

Note that your cable may have different colors. Relevant are the pin numbers of the connector.

Hey Alpha1172,

however the VFD you show is no Hitachi WJ200.

And the colors of PwnCNC seem to be different.

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Hmm I have the wires correct but I can’t get this to spin the spindle. It makes a beeping sound when I hit spindle ccw or cw, do you know what would cause that?

Hey Brenden,

can’t say without more information. The settings above for the VFD are only those relevant for the function that comes from CNC controller. I would check, do you have programmed all necessary parameters inside the VFD according to the manual. Does it show an error code, then you could look it up in the VFD manual.

Usually I would test it with ‘M3 S8000’ in the manual data interface.

See also:

Sorry got to go now, it’s 4:29 AM here

Yeah the one post was asking aboht the HY so that’s why I posted it.

Also ur posts have helped me out so much!

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Got it working, thanks for the help

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I have every parameter correct but I can’t get the rpm up. The f001 reading which I can’t change is at 3.3. I have my spindle settings all at 400hz. Any thoughts? Is it normal to not be able to control the rpm via the display?

I have success with A002 being set to 002 and I can control the RPM from the vfd and have A001 set as 01 to be able to start from the Masso display, but I’m wondering why I can’t do both as 01 from the display?

Hey Brenden,

of course you can set “A001 – Speed command source setting” to “01” – “Control terminal – The active analog input signal on analog terminals [O] or [OI] sets the output frequency”, and then, if it is wired correctly as shown above, the MASSO G3 will control the spindle speed with a g-code command like “S6000 M5”.