ABB VFD Newbie Question


Sorry if this is a stupid question but I have just bought a Foreman Elite and am looking at fitting a G Penny 2.2kw air cooled spindle. I have an ABB VFD that was surplus from work but I’m wondering whether this would work with the G Penny and how I would wire up the control wire from the Masso controller to the VFD.

I’ve attached the connection diagram of the VFD. The model number is ACS310-01E-09A8-2

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Kind regards, Clive

Hey Clive,

you may read the fine manual at MASSO Documentation: VFD Spindle Examples, and also read your VFD’s manual for the connection and the settings.

What you need to use a VFD on the Masso Elite, is control of spinde speed over an analog 0–10 V voltage wire and control of spindle FWD/REV/STOP over a wire to a programmable input terminal of the VFD. These settings are usually called “Source of Speed command” and “Source of RUN command”.

Unfortunately, the MASSO G3 does not support controlling VFDs over a Modbus Serial communications interface.

The relay output at the right side of your VFD diagram is for switching the spindle coolant pump on and off.

See also

Onefinity Elite Series Installation and Operation Instructions (PDF) , page 38


Thanks very much for your reply, Sorry I haven’t responded sooner but I’ve been busy with work and I’ve been reading the Inverter manual.
I found the attached image. It appears that the inverter has a default mode.
As far as I can see it the connections 2 and 3 provide the 0-10V input and GND to determine the spindle speed and connections 11 and 12 provide a digital input and GND to stop and start the motor. Does this look correct and would these correlate to pins 1-4 on the Masso controller output socket?

If this is the case, would the next step be to make a shielded control cable to go between the Masso controller and these connections on the VFD?

Rather than connect the motor straight away I planned to connect a meter to the 3 phase outputs and check that the frequency changes as the spindle speeds are changed on the Masso. That way I could run the motor in at a lower speed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks, Clive


Hey Clive,

Usually the frequency can be displayed on the VFD’s keypad display. You can usually switch between showing rpm speed or frequency. The formula of spindle speed is:


this means

400 Hertz × 2 × 60 seconds / 2 poles = 24,000 rpm vs.
580 Hertz × 2 × 60 seconds / 2 poles = 34,800 rpm,

but the latter is only important for spindles like these. Most spindles have two magnetic poles, which results in a speed range of 6000–24000 rpm by applying 100–400 Hz.

On the VFD output, you should only connect the three-phase spindle. Nothing else.

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