HY GT to Masso (Elite)

I’ve searched and not found this readily available. Hopefully it is helpful to others. I have a 1F elite. I bought a GPenny 2.2kw spindle with water cooling and ceramic bearings. Sitting between the Elite / Masso and the spindle is a HY GT series VFD.

I chose the HY GT for a few reasons: it has sensorless vector control (like Hitachi and others). It is significantly less expensive (1/3 of the price). It is a newer design which uses TI DSP for control (~5 yr old semiconductor design vs >~15 year old controller from others).

The challenge is getting the connections for control correct as HY changes their labeling on the connection pins. There are many videos on Masso and other sites which show how to connect a Masso to the old series HY.

I bought a shielded GX-12 cable from PWNCNC (colors may vary if you use a different cable). Here are the connections I made:

Pin 1 (BLACK) GND - connects to GND on VFD
Pin 2 (RED) 0-10v speed control - Connect to AI2
Pin 3 (YELLOW) connects clockwise/forward to “S1”
Pin 4 (WHITE) Connects to COM next to A02
Pin 5 (GREEN) not connected
Pin 6 (ORANGE) Connect S2 on the VFD for reverse operation

Here is a picture

Hope this helps.