Masso vs BuildBotics VFD Parameters

I have searched the forum for VFD programming, and all I have found is settings for the BuildBotics controller. Are any of the settings different between the two controllers?

I have been using my Elite with an HY 110v 1.5kw VFD and spindle, but I have been controlling it from the VFD. I finally got around to ordering the cabling to have the Masso control the spindle. I believe everything is wired correctly, but I am not an electrician. From info here, and out on the other interwebs, I thought that the only changes needed to be made to the VFD was changing PD001 and PD001 from 0 to 1, but no luck. I changed a few other settings while I was trying to troubleshoot, so I figured I’d set it back to default and start from the beginning.

Any help is appreciated

Hey Soutish,

yes, the settings are different because the buildbotics-derived Onefinity controller of the Original/X-50/PRO Series controls VFDs with Modbus via a RS-485 serial communications interface (two-wire interface), while the MASSO G3 Touch of the Elite Series unfortunately does not support Modbus and has to control the VFD through a programmable input terminal for FWD/REV/STOP spindle and a analog 0–10 V voltage line for SPEED (FREQUENCY). Therefore the settings for “source of RUN commmand” and “source of frequency/speed control” must be set differently depending on which CNC controller you have. Luckily nearly all VFDs I know support both methods.

Regarding wiring, here is a table that shows the wiring when using the PwnCNC spindle control cable:

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