Weird bahavior between controller and 110 volt 2,2 kw Huanyang Spindle

Hi everyone,
Everything has been working flawlessly for months until a couple days back when I noticed the spindle stayed on when a program ended. I also noticed that the spindle rpm’s are not being displayed anymore. Connection trough the modbus appears to be ok, but once the spindle starts, it shows a timed out status. Only way to stop the spindle is by the stop button on the vfd. Once the spindle fully stops, the connection status go back to ok.
I havent been able to find anything similar in the forum. I’ll appreciate any help!

Jose, I have this same issue. For me, it is intermittent. Sometimes, the spindle powers down at the end of a cut and other times the control page shows RPM at 0 but the spindle is still going at cutting speed. Have you figured anything out?

Hey MstrODstr,

this reminds me of this

Thanks Aiph5u…that was interesting reading; but, seems to be the opposite problem to what Jose mentioned above and what I’ve experienced. I never have an issue connecting and the spindle always starts up just fine. Just at the end of a cut it doesn’t always power down the spindle even though the Onefinity controller screen shows the RPMs back to zero.

Hey MstrODstr,

if your spindle does receive the stop signal no more, it is likely that the communication between CNC Controller and VFD is impaired somehow. I linked you to that thread because it deals with contact problems on the serial communications connection between CNC Controller and VFD.

If your spindle does not get the stop command, I would check the connection first. Did you do this, with the suggestions found in the linked thread?

One question. After the program finished and you say the spindle did not obey to the M5 (spindle stop) command (that I assume is in your g-code program), when does the spindle react to g-code commands again?

Can you try entering

M3 S8000

and then


into the command entry field of the MDI Tab (in the Tabbed Section) and report if the spindle obeys? And can you try this immediately after a program ended?

Thanks for the reply.
I’ve checked cabling and the only possible issue is the serial breakout connector only had one good attachment screw; so, it doesn’t have both sides screwed down. I will try getting a new one that has two good lockdown screws.

For now, when this happens, I press Stop on the VFD and it powers down. The spindle responds to programatic and/or manual entries via the MDI tab commands and ALWAYS spins up in response to controller issuing g-code commands.

When is fails to stop the spindle at the end of a program, MDI tab commands do not work either.

Hey MstrODstr,

and then when will the spindle react to g-code commands again?

Sorry for the late response. For me it was a bad VFD. Once I switched to a new one, the problem was solved.

Yes, after I manually hit the VFD stop bottom at the end of a carve, the spindle will then respond to the next start up command given by the controller.

Hey MstrODstr,

besides a faulty VFD, it could be an EMI issue. This is supported by the fact that when the spindle is off, the Modbus communication goes. The spindle and the VFD are a both a heavy source of EMI, it is important that all cables are shielded and their shielded ends are terminated correctly.

Does your X carriage go to the home position at the end of the program, i.e. does it approach the CNC Controller or the VFD? Could you check if the issue appears when the spindle approaches them, and disappears when the spindle is in the right rear corner (assuming that CNC Controller and VFD are on the front left of the machine)? If so,

on all cables, best at both ends.

Do you also have the monitor intermittent issue?

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it’s been a minute since our last messages…I flashed a new SD card with 1.2.1 and installed that along with a new DB25 breakout connector.

The new OS (1.2.1) seems to be working fine. I reset the config right after booting up to my X-50 Woodworker and set up my tool settings for the Huanyang VFD.

Then, I went to the MDI tab and entered M3, S6000 and hit the run button…nothing…nada…crickets.

I wasn’t happy with that DB25 breakout connector though and was pretty sure it was the culprit.

Just got a new one delivered, wired it up and plugged it in. Turned everything on for another test…and…it works like a champ.

If you don’t hear from me on this thread…everything is roses. Otherwise, I’ll update you here.

Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions.