Home is not working correctly

Need some help with this one. I’ve been using my X50 for good 6 months now, averaging about 10 hours of use week. When I start my machine and try to home the Y axis, it just zeroes out wherever it is. I thought maybe ballscrews and nuts were packed with sawdust. Took them apart and cleaned them with no luck same issue. I’ve also checked all wires and plugs. I’ve also tried to increase the stall homing number, with no luck. It also stalls sometimes when moving it at high speed with game pad. Any help or idea or things to check would greatly appreciated.

Hi Tim. Did you change your default jerk settings?

Check out this Buildbotics video.

Also, I was able to repeatedly stall my Y-axis when it was cold outside one day :cold_face: not sure what your operating temps are like, but no issue for me once it got (relatively) warmer.

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Hey Tim,

stall homing works this way. That means, as soon as something blocks the carriage movement, the stepper driver “thinks” it has reached the home position (stall detect), thus the controller stops moving and sets the “homed” flag. There are roughly two reasons why an axis could block (besides bumping to the home position): Mechanical and electrical. You already mentioned one: Ball screw packed with wood dust, but you already excluded it.

Onefinity provides a help file which deals with many kinds of blocking of an axis:

I would check all points one by one to see why your carriage does not move anymore in the middle of the axis.

There are three causes that are not mentioned in the document above:

  1. Should your machine not be properly rectangular (“squared”), the Y movement can block.

  2. And the second possible cause not mentioned in the document above is: This mysterious issue some time ago.

  3. Electromagnetic interference (EMI), as e.g. mentioned here.