Machine Reboot, Y-Axis does not home, X and Z go to machine zero

I turned my X-50 Journeyman on, selected ok to home machine.

Z- Axis completed zeroing, along with x-axis.

However, Y-axis does not move to end of rails.

Machine moves approx. 0.003in away and returns then where ever the machine is on the rail is where software homes machine.

I can move the machine in the Y+ and will move properly, Attempt to move Y- cannot move past Y0, claims movement will exceed soft limit.

The machine is more than 10in away from end of rails that would be Y0 on a typical machine Homing.

I did shut the machine down, moved the carriage in the Y- direction. Turned machine on, X, Z homed correctly, Y homed in position on rail did not move to end of rail.

What am I missing?

Also, sidebar issue I have been having.

Is there a way to calibrate the touch screen on the controller?

It seems like there is a 3/8- 1/2 inch offset to where the touch screen recognizes my touch.

Did you ever figure this out? I have the exact same problem

Your machine reached stall home limits for the Y axis too early and thought it hit the stop. This can happen if the Y rails are not parallel or if there is debris in the ball screw/nuts causing resistance to movement. You can change the stall homing parameters in the controller to try and get around this. You can also try rebooting and move the spindle closer to the front left corner before hitting the home button on the screen.

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Yes, I did figure out why this was happening.

Like SkyKam notes, the stall limits were reached too early. For me this was due to my initial setup and how my Y-Axis rails were fastened to my base. Due to weather changes my base must have changed just enough to create the stalling.

I was able to order the QCW frame and the wall mount system and I have not had any issues since. Though I do have limited time to actually design and run any projects at the moment. But the few that I have ran since acquiring the QCW frame have run flawlessly.

As far as the touch screen calibration, it appears that the firmware update appears to have fixed that issue.