Y axis not homing correctly

I have a Journeyman X50 with a wall mount/QCW and having homing issues.

I had some issues with a carve today where the y axis was acting up a little bit and so I stopped the carve and was going to restart the process, rehome the machine, zero the material and then start again. The big problem that I cannot resolve came when I tried to re-home the machine and z worked, x worked, but then Y wouldn’t move from the current spot and set that as home. I un-homed the axis, moved it around just fine with the y+ and y- as well as the joystick controller. Moves fine with no unusual noises, groaning, or stickiness. But when I try to home that axis, it doesn’t move. I increased the stall current in the homing section for the Master Y motor and no difference.

I am getting ready to do a big job so needing help soon… please.

You should contact Onefinity Support via email.


Good luck with solving your problem.

I agree about contacting Onefinity
Have you tried driving it with the Joy stick the homed location at the front left? I have found ever so often than when I get it all the way to the forward position that the y might be slightly off on one side. I manually pull it to fully contact the stops and then drive it all the way back and restart the homing process.

thanks I contacted them and got it resolved. The PDF guide they sent was really helpful in isolating the issue. Somehow the two Y-axis got out of alignment and were binding, I went through the step by step guide they provided, released the ball nuts and the gantry made an obvious movement, I moved the out of aligned ball nut to the gantry and reattached, powered down and moved everything over to the right to align as first setup went through and then the left side, everything was back in alignment and I had a working y-homing again. Yay!

OneFinity support was awesome and actually helped diagnose another issue I was having and are sending a new X-stepper motor to fix the x travel issues I was having. All in all I should be back up and running like new on Tuesday.

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This is is similar to what it happened with my machine. I had an out of alignment y-axis. All zeroed out now and fixed. Traveling well.

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Yep! It happens from time to time. Glad it worked out!

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