X Axis issues not homing correctly

Hi all,
I have just setup up my Onefinity and when I home the device, the y and z axises home with no issues. When I home the x axis, it moves the router to the center of the x axis. When I manually reset the x axis to the front left side and set the home there. It accepts this. But when I move the router to the center of the table and tell the cnc to go home, it puts the y and z correctly, but the x axis is about 4 inches off to the right. When I move the router to the center and tell it to go to home again, it does y and z correctly, but now the x is even more off. I checked the setting to make sure the 1616 is set correct (set to 16mm not 10mm).

I have no idea how to fix this. This is not allowing me to use the probe correct since it looses track of the x axis. I have checked and reinserted the wiring. The controller moves the router with no issues.


Mine is doing the same thing , I dont bother with it I jog it near the front of the table and Home from there

You just need to adjust the stall homing for that axis. You may need to adjust this over the life of the machine as environmental factors change (ie: temp, humidity, electrical environment).
This video will walk you through how to adjust it. If your axis keeps going, go down in amp numbers . 1.0, .09, .08, .07 etc. If your axis stops short, go UP in amp numbers, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, etc. until it works correctly.

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When you home initially you have no issues. Do that and see what the readout on the screen says. Is x and y reading 0? Now when you move the router to the center take note of the zy reading. Now return home and see what the reading is. Is x reading 4 inches? And y 0? That would be pretty odd. It should now read 00.

Hi,I went thru that video and adjusted the setting and stepping up/down the values. This did not resolve the issue.

send a detailed video of your issue to support@onefinitycnc.com

Hi Alden, I x, y, z all read zero. Then when I move the router and tell it to go to home, it moves the y and z to the correct 0 but the x moves about 3” to the right from where home should be and the display says 0. Every time I tell it to go home, the x moves to the right away from the real 0.

Does the x go to 0 first and then move back out to the right? If so I think your soft stop needs to be reset. I think mine is set to hit the stop and then come out 1 mm before setting itself to 0. If yours hits the stop and then comes back out 3 inches before it sets to 0, your soft stop setting is causing this and needs to be reset.

I had a similar issue when I first received the machine. Mine would home fine sometimes and then sometimes not. It would also loose homing in the middle of a carve. After working with the support techs, we tried everything. Summed it up to a bad control box. Well after receiving my third control box I was still having this issue from time to time. So, I started trouble shooting myself. Finally figured out it was the wire for the X axis. This wire gets a ton of movement while the machine is running. I replaced it with a spare that came with the machine and no issues at all now. Approximately 50 hours of run time after this event and going strong.

I am having the same problem after about a year. I received a spare Y1 cable with the machine. Would this cable be compatible with the X axis cable?

All the rail to controller cables are exactly the same.

I bet your issue is the x cable. That cable travels so much. Mine went out after only a month. I then designed my own redneck system to keep the cable safe.

Mine is doing that now after only about half an hour maybe of run time surfacing and putting on the grid. Except mine is jamming up against the y rail on the home side. I will try adjusting the stall numbers but seems strange that it started out of the blue. I hope that’s all it is.

I would like to buy a replacement X axis cable. Anyone know where to go to get one?X

email info@onefinitycnc.com