X axis won’t move or home

Has anyone seen this we’re the x axis won’t move or home and it try’s to but it just makes a noise I can turn it by hand though


You may want to up the stall parameters per the setup guide. I usually have to “Cancel” the home operation and manually jog my Y axis forward and back to get it moving first before homing or it will home Z and X and just stall and home the Y in place. After the short jog to get it moving it will home just fine. I probably just up the stall voltage or current a smidge.


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Mike, mine wouldn’t move either, I just posted what my issue was. I don’t think it same issue you having though. Email support, they answered me very quickly. Are you turning it by hand while powered up? I noticed it is hard to turn when powered, but turns easily when wire cable unplugged from it. No power.

Hey BGILL I’m having the same problem, how did onefinity fix your issue with your x axis
Thank you