X-Axis will not home and makes whirring and grinding noise

When i turn on the machine and press home (all axis), Y and Z home fine, but X does not move and makes a grinding and whirring noise. While the machine is on, i turned the ball screw by hand and there was no resistance (unlike the y and z). When i went to jog the machine, x axis was making a grinding and whirring noise again and sometimes it would move and when it does move, it would SOMETIMES move in the opposite direction of where i am leaning the joystick knob. I have a video if someone would like to see. Here is the link (since i cannot upload a video).

Sounds like the motor is turning. My guess is that is that coupling is slipping, and the setscrew is catching sometimes thats why it moves a little and then stops again. I just got mine unboxed and setup today, moved it around a little and tried out the touch probe, thats all i had time for. Sorry youre having problems. Based on what I’ve seen from 1F they will see your post and youll hear from them very soon. If your comfortable with doing some wrench turning I don’t think it would be to hard to dig into the the x axis and see whats going on.

Did you send an email to support@onefinitycnc.com?

I did not. I sent one to info@

Check the x axis wire at the cable connectors and see if any are loose going into the connector.

I did that. In fact the x connector was loose inside the tube. I reconnected it and it made no difference.

Check the set screw like jake suggested.

I will tomorrow AM. That still does not explain why x axis jogs the opposite way sometimes (when it does engage). I appreciate all the input.

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The other option I can think of right now is update to 1.0.4 first. and reset in general, select your machine, and reboot.

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Could this be a result of a single loose wire in the connector? I know the cimp pins on those amphenol connectors can be a little finicky. I could imagine that if one wire was making intermittent connection to just one of the two coils in the stepper motor, the motor direction could become unpredictable.


I have a feeling this is what’s going on as well. You could also unplug the y cables and the x and plug the y cable into the x motor and see if it will drive it to test that theory out.


Thank you all for all the help. It looks like the wire is the problem. I switches the z and x and now the z is doing the same.

I do not think the connectors are loose, it almost seems the wire is reversed on one end somewhere… The z slider goes in reverse or just stalls and whirs

if you can send an email to support@onefinitycnc.com and included a video we’ll get you fixed up asap!

Done. Thank you very much!

:+1:. We got you bud! No worries


When I got my machine the Z-axis was having a similar problem. There was a blue wire that was making an intermittent connection at the plug. I stripped the wire back and rigged up a temporary connection and let support know. They fixed me up by supplying a replacement cable. That did the trick.

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Interesting. I have the same exact issue. THe blue wire is loose. I am waiting for onefinity to respond how to get the metal connector out of the plastic enclosure so i can recrimp the wire.

I got it working. Figured out how to get the metal connector out and re crimp. All good. THANK YOU ALL for helping out!!

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Man thats awesome! Glad you got it figured out. Maybe we need to start a troubleshooting thread listing issues we have encountered and the fixes.