X Axis not homing, setting incorrect limits

Looking for some trouble-shooting help.

Went to do a simple cut today, and when I probed X/Y/Z - After it was probing and going to move to the start position it gave me some X axis less then minimum soft limits error. I also happened to turn the joypad on around the same time (May not be related).

So I moved the touchpad and decided to home the machine. I noticed the X Axis was several inches to the right of where it would normally home, and the machine indicated it was at it’s 0mm position.
So I jogged the machine around, and noticed I could not go “left” into that position - I imagine the machine set that as its soft limit so it would not let me.
I rebooted the machine, Jogged around some more, moved all the way to the right side and hit home. Now my X axis is nearly fully to the right side and wont come left at all anymore…

Any ideas? Heres some screen shots that may help.


you cannot home when it’s touching the opposite foot as it needs to move towards that foot to ‘clear’ home statue before moving to the front left. If it doesn’t have that 1-2mm to ‘clear’ it will home in place and think that is 0,0, which is why yours won’t move, it doesn’t think it can move left.


Thanks! Got it working now!

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