Jogging to the right on the X error (Resolved: Wrong config file loaded)

After I have homed the unit I see the following error when trying to jog to the right.
ERROR: X axis position 508mm is greater than maximum soft limit 409.99

if your doing this via the touchscreen buttons, it means your x axis was close to the very edge (less than 100mm) from the end of the right side of the x rail.) You had it set to do 100mm per button push, so if you pushed it, it would try to go to 509mm, which is farther than it can go. If you use the joypad to jog, you will not see this error. It’s not an error, it’s more of a warning. If it let you jog as far as you wanted it to, it would crash into the side and ‘grind’ the motor.

using the touchscreen buttons, if you jog to the very extremes of each axis and try to jog further than the max, you will see this ‘error’ every time.

Its the middle of the unit now, not near an edge. I will turn off and back on and rehome again.

if you can post a video of it, it would be helpful. That is, if a reboot doesn’t help.

also, do you have a woodworker or a machinist?

its a woodworker unit.

The soft limits for the woodworker is 812mm (32). You might have the configuration for the machinist loaded. can you check the x axis motor page and show a screenshot of the values of the soft limit?

yes I think it has the machinist loaded.

yep, it does. Go to the files section in this thread and download the woodworker configuration (it will tell you how to load it). That should fix you right up! Let me know how it goes.

OK that worked. But I did find it you jog it over to the right when it gets close to the end it immediately jogs all the way back the left side.

try restarting the controller.

@FrankP Did you ever resolve the source of this issue? Where you jog it to the right, but when it gets close to the right soft limit, it jogs itself all the way back to the left. Did you figure this issue out?


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Yes once I had everything homed and the z axis lowered down everything work perfectly. I also got my gamepad made controlling it way easy.

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