Just getting started and troubles arise - solved!

So, I just got my Journeyman yesterday and got it set up this AM. I purchased Morgan’s spoilboard setup from his Etsy shop and planned to use that for my first project. Of course, it didn’t go as planned. I followed his instructions to the letter until it failed. I found the center of the spoilboard and the center of the cutting area, lined them up and secured the board. I homed the machine and zeroed on the center of the spoilboard. I then probed for z. When I went to run the program I get an error message that the X axis position 960.895 mm is greater than maximum soft limit 816mm then it gives gcode block:g0 x22.75 y0.125 z0.2. I have no idea how to fix that. Anyone used his code and had a similar issue? I emailed him today and OF support but haven’t heard back yet. I wasn’t expecting a response back this soon anyway but thought I would message here in case anyone else has run in to this.

Thinking that the file was a problem I decided to try a different project, just so I could cut something on my first day. I used a project that I have already cut very successfully on a Laguna IQ. Followed the homing and zeroing procedures, etc. The dimensions of the wood and project are 5 inches wide and 10 inches high. It carves a border, then some text, then a dragon design. I goes wrong from the very beginning. It starts to do the border carve but instead of only doing the 5 inches wide (which is the X axis) it goes to 8 inches. It maintains the 10 inch height (Y axis). In both cases I made sure that I switched over to the OF Journeyman in the toolpath saving and used the inches post processor since the projects are in inches as well. I feel like this particular problem has to be a wrong setting somewhere but not sure where.
Any advice would be appreciated.

First issue is related to size and something to adjust in the design…
Second sounds like a setting for distance per revolution of the screw. Not home so can’t look but there was a card with my journeyman upgrade for the setting to change. Not sure if net new vs upgrade machines came with that card to change.

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I did have to download the upgrade myself, it didn’t come with it upgraded already. I didn’t see any cards in the box about needing to change settings though.
I did look at the settings and it seems X and Y are the same. I also reduced the size of the material (for the spoilboard design) in VCarve in 1/4" increments until it was nearly an inch less than the intended design but that didn’t seem to help.
I wonder if there was something up with the upgrade. When I go to update the time, even thought I hit confirm, it still won’t save the update. In any case, I am clearly missing something and hopefully someone from OF or Morgan can chime in tomorrow. I have a 3 day weekend coming up and I was looking forward to using this machine extensively.

Dave, on the control screen,be sure that display is set to metric, then go to motor 0 and be sure that travel per rev is set to 16. If it was set to 10mm/rev then this is likely the issue.

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I changed it back to metric though I’m not sure why the display should affect anything. I also checked and it was at 16, not 10.

I did get a hint from another post that the soft limit for my x was wrong. It was set at 816mm or 32”. I have a journeyman so it should be 1219mm instead. Seems like a big oversight for OF to have that set wrong and ship it out. I would never have guessed to look at that. Unfortunately, while changing that got rid of the “No fit” warning I now have a “under” warning of 214mm. Doesn’t make any sense since I have made sure I am perfectly lined up with the cutting surface and zeroed at the center.
So… still muddling through

Give me a shout through the Onefinity FB messenger. We can check all of your settings and try to figure out why you’re getting the “under” messages.


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Huge shout out to Mitz P for taking time out of his Saturday to check my settings. Turns out a couple were way off and they were not things I would have ever known were wrong on my own. Also, the settings I did change last night weren’t saved. Mitz thinks it might be an update bug and suggested I go back to the previous version, which I will do. Thanks to him I was able to go through all of Morgan’s spoilboard cuts with complete success and will spend the rest of the day cutting the horseshoes and such so I can start doing some real work!
I do have to say I am a little disappointed that I never heard from OneFinity. I’ve heard so much about how good their support is but they were absent on this one. I did email them 2 different ways and tried to contact Morgan 3 different ways. Hoping this was just a fluke and will be better in the future. Very happy with the machine now that it functions and looking forward to doing a whole bunch of projects with it!