X axis error Help!

X axis position 1221.79mm is greater than the maximum soft limit 1220mm While executing GCode block:X47.875 G1 At: ./upload/Border Corn Board.no:156

Can someone tell me what is going wrong! CNC will make a few passes and then stops.

In general, you are asking the toolpath to move the end mill beyond the soft limits set by your machine. It can happen, and be corrected, in a number of ways.

Check out the forum - search “…soft limit error…” to see many discussions and solutions.

Here is one example:

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Hey Bradley,

you get this error easily when you want to mill a workpiece that is as big as the entire workarea, e.g. when wanting to flatten the wasteboard. So if the wasteboard is 1220 mm wide, and the workarea that the machine is able to work on is 1220 mm too, and of course your 3D model is 1220 mm wide too, then what you have to ensure is that you really start at the X machine origin (X=0 absolute machine coordinate). If e.g. you set the workpiece origin by probing the corner, and you are a millimeter more to the right, the 3D model will be shifted and surpass the available workarea by one millimeter, and not be able to fulfill this, hence the error. What I would ensure, is that your workpiece zero is at machine zero.

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On that note, you can also set your pocket for less than the max size by like 1/2" total on x/y then jog the perimeter for that distance with your z set at the depth after it completes (obviously motor/spindle on). Also could do it with a profile tool path on the line provided your bits radius is at least that 1/4".

Then hit any trouble spots with a chisel

Thanks for the reply, I’ll look at that!