Y axis not homing

cant home y axis. followed instructional video on stall homing. tried all different combinations.
i even stood on my head. joke. cant get it to home. checked wires. x and z work. please help. also sent email to support waiting for reply.

Post a picture of your homing settings for Y and X. Also tell us what it does when you try to home.


I have my search velocity set at 0.844. Try that.

so I had the same problem and after an afternoon of trying all 32 volt/amp variations, I sat down and went back to the basics and looked at my installation. Even though I could have sworn that I had the rails true when I installed it, i noticed after a number of y movements back and forth that something had shifted and the one rail was a bit shy when the x rail was all the way to the back. I loosened the one rail, adjusted it and I was off to the races. Now I have a problem homing the z axis. can’t get rid of the warning that it is under.

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That is normal. It will be correct when you zero off on the material. Check out this in the FAQ section. Help! My Toolpath says ‘Under’ or 'Over"! (A FAQ on why) - FAQ - Onefinity Forum (onefinitycnc.com)

thanks frank, the FAQ information was very helpful. should be reading more.