X-50 UI and Controller issues

Hey Robert,

Even if computer error messages look like chinese to ordinary users, there was always a programmer that programmed the error message and its exact wording to get a message about where the error lies, in order to be able to help the user. That is why it is wise to provide the exact error message when calling for help.

the question here is not if I believe you (I do) but if you can tell the forum how to reproduce the error.

What I can say is, the Raspbian system that is installed on the SD card inside the Onefinity controller has no 3D graphics acceleration drivers installed. It is not able to display the 3D toolpath simulation.

I don’t know if the buttons row that you marked above should appear, because at the moment I have no monitor on the Onefinity Controller, but should they appear but disappear sometimes, I would report this in the topic of the Firmware version you are using (Firmware 1.3 (Most Recent) in this case).

You don’t say anything about how you set the workpiece zero. Are you zeroing between the two passes, and how?

If you think you lost steps, then there are these support documents for checking the possible causes one by one:


for details on the possible causes of such issues. I would check all points one by one in the first help document to see why your carriage could possibly loose steps.

You can still think of Electromagnetic interference (EMI), as e.g. mentioned here, if you have…

  1. …stepper cables that are not shielded and grounded. EMI can act on a cable but a cable also emit EMI.

  2. A VFD that is not enclosed in a grounded VFD Control Cabinet. A VFD is a heavy source of EMI, because the three-phase current that it creates by switching LGBTs often does not consist of nice sine waves.

  3. A spindle power cable that is not properly shielded and terminated (for this, see also this important document)

Also is your machine properly rectangular (“squared”) (bar gauge) and coplanar (“not twisted”) (fishing line method) ? This however would mainly affect the Y axis movement where the Y carriages can block.

If you loose steps, I add here some quotings from forum search results: