Sorry, this is my first post. I have a couple problems.

First, this is a woodworker with the upgraded x50.

This is only my 3rd project and had a couple issues with the first 2 but not like this. This morning I went to turn the machine on, it asked to home so i did, but it homed the Z, then went left for the x and hit the stop and stopped never moved forward. So now im stuck with the gantry all the way back. so i hard reset the controller, turned it of but it will not turn on now.

Any suggestions???

Second question. Im using Vcarve pro, i had a tool path to chamfer the outside edge before i cut it out. If i put it as a profile cut on the line (60 vbit x .5) at .25 then cut the outside edge with a 1/8 bit why would i get the whole v inside the cut. seems like my machine has some issues

Hi Carl,

This sounds like a case for Onefinity support. I bet they can get you going or at least confirm there is something that requires replacement.


Thanks Jim, I have been working with Onefinity.I have to say, I have seen good comments about support which is one reason I went with Onefinity. I literally had a response from support within 10 minutes of sending an email, on a Saturday!!

on a side note i think i’ll be looking for a plastic switch cover to prevent debris entering the switch

This is an excellent idea. Dust is the enemy and our Onefinity’s produce plenty of it. Let us know how it goes?


Hey Carl, hey Jim, hey all,

Wood dust is not only the enemy of power switches or ball nuts. It is first of all the enemy of your body. Generally wood dust should never fly around and accumulate on ball screws or inside power switches or ever get so far that it is sucked in by devices with fans. Wood dust is harmful, cancerogenic, dangerous. It should entirely be collected by a powerful dust collection system.

I am very concerned when I sometimes hear or read that some people are bothered by the fact that the dust extraction is running and they switch it off or even do not plan a proper dust extraction in the first place.

I am also very sensitive to noise and I understand the desire to watch a CNC all the time. But in fact, the complete extraction of the dangerous wood dust belongs to the milling of wood. Everything else is negligent and unreasonable.

When working with power tools, there is hearing protection that you should wear, so you don’t have to worry about the dust extraction running.

PS: Some people put the dust extraction system into another room, that’s fine.

Tes Sir. I’ve been woodworking for over 50 years. Dust collection and avoidance have always been a part of my safety routine. You won’t find much if any dust in my lungs. You may have noted in some other post that I made my living as a bass trombonist. I have lost some hearing over the years, and it has been from the thrilling joy of making music on stage with 100 other musicians. It gets loud. You really want to hear every bit of it, unfiltered. In the shop, though, I’ve always used the same ear protection I use at the pistol range. It works very well.

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Jim I didn’t point at you, it was general advice, just using reply on your post :slight_smile:
If you bought this crazy thing then I know that you are at least concerned about the dust

I did not think you were. And yes, no dust for the little birds either!!!

dont know if this will help you but for me i know my power switch did fail on me. went to power it on and it just would not come on. for me was simple fix went to home depot and bought a switch. this could be part of your issue. (this is allowing me to place my control box completely hidden but allowing me to place the power switch where ever i want.) Also Make sure when your done with the carve your blowing out all the dust along both your axis x and y. sounds like your Y axis is gunked up a bit? I dont think it uses sensors i think it uses resistance pressure to stop. I would super clean the screw and ball all along y axis BOTH. unplug replug the Y axis BOTH of them. then manual move the Y axis to make sure its clear.

Hey All,
I too had a switch failure. The support team was great and sent me a new switch right away. I never thought the switch would be the problem and probably overlooked it as I was trying to figure out the issue. I was able to jump the switch and that’s how I figured out the problem. good luck

Similar switch issues have bit me in my large bosch plunge router. It is not a onefinity specific issue but really a dust issue.