Power switch request

Ok i went to power on the onefinity. nothing turned on. Seen the video for sawdust getting in switch a few weeks ago. kinda figured that might be the issue. opened up switch turned it over no saw dust came out BUT a metal part dropped out. I am guessing the switch is broke… a few weeks ago when i seen video about the switch issues. i did move my control box UNDER the table. In doing so made the power switch awkward to hit. and with the power switch issue atm makes me think would i be better off getting a more heavy switch and placing it on the face of the table? im looking for recommendations on what power switch to get to help me in this spot.

Hey @stomp.
It’s not broken. Those are just the pieces it’s made up of. The metal piece just sits back in (the video shows exactly how it goes back in). It’s held in by the spring.

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K the switch is defiantly bad then. i reassembled plugged in. no power still but if i by pass the switch. with out switch (just cross the 2 plugs on the switch) i can get it to power on. So im going to make a external power switch hopefully i can a place that sells them.

I’m going to end up moving my E-Stop as well if this works. not liking my Estop under the table as well i might as well move it.

Hey St0mp, hey all,


…now you know why @satoer uses IP67 (dust-tight, water-proof) switches in their CNC Remote Control Panel :wink:

Tip of the day:

In a Woodworking Workshop, everything with a fan is a Dust Collector.


Ain’t that the truth? :rofl:

And all clothing is a a sawdust magnet.


Love the control panel. So far my fav mod i have seen for the onefinity. I had to replace the switch. I do not like the switch i had to replace it with. I found water proof switchs but could not find a dust-tight. Reason: I placed the part back in the switch, still would not work. but if you by pass the switch I could get it to power on. switch is bad.