Onefinty control panel remote (gamepad replacement with lots of extra options)

I’m working on a Onefinity remote control. I liked the wireless controller, but I have several annoyances like: I always need to reconnect it after a couple of minutes not using it, holding buttons to restrict X / Y movement, tiny sticks and you need two hands to use it. I wanted a more robust solution with a nice “single hand” joystick and decent buttons that light up so I can see what’s currently enabled.

So I decided to design and produce my own. Still a work in progress but its coming along nicely. Options I build in:

  • Enable / disable X and Y axis. (without holding buttons)
  • Select speed 1 - 4
  • Auto enable router (on / off / auto) (signal from controller DB25 port)
  • Auto enable dust collector (on / off / auto)
  • 3 Axis joystick X, Y and Z (by turning)
  • “Arm spindle” switch, So the spindle never gets activated (when replacing mills)
  • Decent (XLR) connector for the probe.
  • Emergency stop button (I placed the controller under the table, so I don’t have easy access to that button)
  • And a place to put the probe sensor.
  • Two extra accessories buttons. I don’t know what else I want to use for, but it probably will come in handy. It can be configured as latching or momentary switch. Every option can be configured by holding the button on startup. (like latching or momentary acc buttons, default enabled buttons on startup)
  • USB port on the front, for easy access to a thumbdrive (this is just a extension cable).

The electronics board features 4 relays (Spindle, dust collector, accessory 1 and accessory 2). The heart of it is an Arduino Leonardo that emulates a gamepad.

Anyhow, while building it, I was wondering if anyone else is interested for something like this. I’ve ordered a couple extra pcb’s (electronic boards) but to be honest, I’m not really keen on soldering every board myself. It probably also becomes way to expensive if I count all the hours needed to completely produce a boards. But I figured, if someone buy’s a cnc, it’s probably a handy person. Also the soldering isn’t complicated at all, it’s all trough hole. You just need to pay attention to the orientation of some of the components. Maybe I can create some “build yourself kits” with all the components and buttons needed. Or maybe only parts for the electronics board and use your own buttons leds etc (the electronics board is quite adaptive to suit specific needs). The panel I’m using are laser cut (not made with the onefinity) acrylic plates with printing sandwiched between them. I’m also thinking to open-source the software when it’s finished so you can make some really personal adjustments if you are a bit skilful with programming.

Anyhow, it’s still in prototyping stage. But if a lot of people are interested, it might be feasible to design and produce a complete populated electronics board (with smt components). So you don’t have to solder anything at al.

  • Interested in bare PCB (no components like resistors etc, I will source them myself)
  • Interested in bare PCB + all the components for the PCB (resistors, relays, arduino connectors+leads etc.)
  • Interested in bare PCB + components + all the metal led buttons, connectors, joystick etc. used in the picture
  • Interested in bare PCB + components + buttons + panel cutout with print (That’s all in the picture above)
  • Only interested if it has a fully populated, (machine) soldered and tested (future version) electronics board
  • Not interested at all, but I just want to fill in the poll :wink:

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Yes I would definitely be interested.

Thanks for the work you put in to get to this point.

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I am interested. I am involved in starting a community woodshop and have always wanted a more “professional” looking controller. Am in the process of making a control panel but would love to have one that included the the game controller. I have the experience to do the electrical. Lack experience with the processor and software.

Definitely Interested. I’ve been playing with some control panel designs but not very seriously since my 1F is not here yet.

I would be interested. Soldering not a problem. Make it available as a kit with the pcb and all the bits if you can.

But I am months away from receiving my machine so there’s that. Wouldn’t stop me from building it I know but no way to test for a few months.


I’m doing something similar. But instead of push buttons I’m using rotary switches. I already have the remote display for the VFD mounted and a digital meter for the water flow. I’ll have a switch for the over head light, the power for the VFD, the dust collector, and the water pump. The one thing I haven’t looked at is the power switch for the controller. I wasn’t planning on locating the joypad or the zeroing block. I have a dual monitor stand mounted to the corner of the table to hold the panel and the display. I don’t like the magnetic display mount so I’m going to have to get a larger touch screen. I’ve been waiting until my Journeyman rail shows up before finishing it.

Oh, I have to joine the big YES group! In my younger years I had quite a bit of electrical experience…not so much after retirement. So yeah, count me in!

This is very cool. I don’t know if it works for my setup but none the less well done.

You can add me to the list for a build-it kit :slight_smile:

Or this as well :smiley:

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interested for sure, add me to the list of folks, please!!!

Add me to the interested list for a kit, smt or otherwise.

Wow, lots of positive reactions. I’ve made a poll above then I have a bit more overview :blush:


Since we can only vote for one I chose the lowest level I would be interested in. But anything above that up to and including a full assembled and tested board is acceptable to me.

What is the current rating on the relays, 4A @ 120V ?

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That’s brilliant! I’m interested too. Do you have any idea what kind of $ we’re talking about for the “DIY” option?

I used the OMRON G4A-1A-E. This is a 20A 250VAC relay. In the schematic I also added a snubber circuit which prevents sparks between the contacts. Mainly for prevent electronic interference when switching motors. But to be honest, 20A is a lot, and I would stay well below that. If you really want to switch that high amperages I would switch a big contactor switch with it.
This is the datasheet:

I’ll probably make a web form where you can choose the options you like.


I have absolutely no idea yet. I hope I can create a nice price of it. But be aware that nice metal led buttons, a decent joystick and other components I used aren’t the cheapest. It’s also a small scale production, so I can’t buy everyting in very big quantities. Another drawback is that I live in the Netherlands, so shipping-cost can be a real issue for Americans with a smaller budget. I believe shipment for a single package to the US is about 33 euro (38$) alone. I probably also need to add some budget for support, what if something breaks and I need to resent a part or something. I don’t have to make a lot of money with it, but I definitely don’t want to loose money on this project :wink:

Anyhow, I need to finish this prototype first and then send out a couple of panels to the first users. Then will see where we take it from there…


This is terrific! First choice would be fully assembled and tested. Second choice and still acceptable is complete kit, ready to assemble. Either way,I am happy to commit to purchasing. Thanks for your work on this.


What a great project - the forum response so far supports this as well.

It is nice that you are contemplating many different purchase options. As someone who just finished my controller and enclosure build, I too know how expensive these components can be, and how quickly the cost adds up. These options should meet the needs and budget of many.

I had one question about the actual enclosure. I noticed the 4 holes in your prototype panel cut out. Is it made to fit a particular type/size of enclosure box, and if so which one? Will buyers need to source their own or could this be a purchase option as well.

I also had a thought about the circuits. Are you providing a wiring diagram with one or more of your kits? I was thinking that this could even be another value added item you could sell, as I believe some DIYers in the forum may want to build a variation of their own, and being able to purchase your wiring diagram would be money well spent.

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Yes, I’ll will write a complete guide how and where to solder all the components complete with schematic. Complete things to adjust for your own needs. For example I used 5V led buttons (with build in resistor), but I left room to add a I probably also put the code on Github for the “nerds” that want to write their own routines. But I won’t release the pcb design or gerber files.

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Excellent. Please do not underestimate the value you are providing with the schematic/guide. Your time and expertise are worth a lot.